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here's another thing - walt made the swartzes piss themselves, he went into their house and made them his bitches. then he killed Lydia, then, he drove into the Nazis house and killed all of them, when they thought that they were just going to butcher him with no problem. he did it all with his brain and his guts, essentially. now, no matter what Flynn, skyler or marie, or the swartzes, or anybody else for that matter, thinks about him - nobody can say he isn't badass....
this is goldget a 1 liter metal water bottle for your carry on bag. place it between your table and the back of the seat in front of you. now, they can't recline their seat. perfectly legal.
my brother suggested it to me last week, I told him I didn't see it as possible.we were all trying to figure out what walt saw on the tv that launched his action. it seems it was the charity work of the swartzes, and he figured out that he could use them to deliver the money, and it gave him a reason to live a little longer, to deliver the money.
while I agree with Piob that most parents think that they are good parents, I think that whether you fly on a plane with kids should really be an issue of how well disciplined your kids are. our kids have flown a lot, and they are very well behaved in public, especially in terms of noise and impact on others. I hate flying with people who are not good with controlling their kids, but I also hate flying with people who don't know how to get their bags in the overhead...
yes, the way he said "it made me feel alive" was great.that is the way I see it. the idea that teaching high school was the fast cash, and grey matter went on to be a nasdaq traded company, shows really how he "Settled". brilliant.
one of my first threads here was about whimsy in clothing. I used to add stuff like a gumby tie to a solid charcoal DB suit, or donut and coffee cufflinks, etc. I remember, at the time, whimsy seemed to be frowned upon by the SF crowd. I still do a little of that, and I kept a lot of my old whimsical stuff, in case I should want to use it. I like the idea of being very conservative aside from one or two fun details that aren't obvious.
hmmm I might have missed that - I thought the lab was grey matter.
I thought that this was pretty well inferred over the years -1. running a start up put them in a position of being tight for money2. Walt got skylar pregnant3. skylar pushed walt to take a job with a steady paycheck4. walt cashed out and took the teaching job
aside from hiesenberg being ruthless, I saw him as extremely effective - this was an episode showing him at his most effective, scaring the swartzes, poisoning Lydia, the whole trick with the machine gun (which I never would have thought of in a million years). very cool.
still hinky
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