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hmmm I might have missed that - I thought the lab was grey matter.
I thought that this was pretty well inferred over the years -1. running a start up put them in a position of being tight for money2. Walt got skylar pregnant3. skylar pushed walt to take a job with a steady paycheck4. walt cashed out and took the teaching job
aside from hiesenberg being ruthless, I saw him as extremely effective - this was an episode showing him at his most effective, scaring the swartzes, poisoning Lydia, the whole trick with the machine gun (which I never would have thought of in a million years). very cool.
this would be awesome, if there was more time - he uses the ricin to lower the share price, then uses the 80 million to buy the company and then builds it back up to a huge market cap.
+1+1+1I think there were two key things with the blacks interview -1. they were saying how little he had to do with the company and their success - his identity, pre-meth, was tied up in the work he had done at gray matter. that really pissed him off2. he heard that the blue meth was still appearing across the south west and Europe which means Jessie is still around and working with todd and Lydia.
walt has had some positive things in general - he did want to be a good dad to his kids and he has been faithful to his wife for the whole show. considering he had millions in cash and a wife who was a bitch he could have found a playmate to spend time with. he has good work ethic. he sticks with things
^hmmmmm anyway, you could actually do some pretty good backpacking or beach camping in peru, panama or costa rica for under 2 k, or Thailand. honestly, if you can hit Thailand will 500 bucks to spend and you are willing to live in hostels you can live pretty well for a couple of weeks. that would be my choice. have fun
well, I think that I certainly would like Hank a lot more than walt. but, there certainly are people, not bad people, in hanks position who would have sat down with walt and then said "ok, you know he will be dead soon, and he is retired, maybe I can just let him die off quietly and keep from destroying the family".
yep, honestly, I was really thinking that skylar was going to be on walt's side when he survived, and be ready to rub marie's face in it. marie was such a bitch to skylar.
looks like I will be in Melbourne on labor day 1. any specific recommendations for labor day? I've been in Melbourne a few times, but it would be a shame for me to miss something that everyone else knows about but I don't know to be on the lookout for. 2., anybody want to have a meal/beer? 3. any non-labor day specific recommendations that I might have missed in previous trips? 4. any recommendations for a good running route? the last time I was there I ran along a...
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