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thanks for the kind words Journeyman, the pleasure was all mine. thanks for the recommendation, SuttonZach
get a job selling something, pretty much anything. learn to sell, if you do well, get a job selling that pays more, do that again. then, see if you want to go back to school. if you find that you can't sell, see if you can find a skill that you can do, bank clerking or something. try a few things. good luck
I'll throw out something else - look at evantson, its a "walking " suburb, sort of a small town, very pedestrian friendly. about 45 min by train to the loop. great resteraunts, beaches, bars, parks etc.
I live in a sub, so that it my perspective. people I know who live in old town and in Lincoln park are very happy. as somebody said - biking in Chicago is fantastic. I like the L, but I don't depend on it, I ride it once or twice a month. the beaches are fantastic in Chicago, I would try to live as within walking distance of a beach. if I could chose a place in the city, I'd be aiming for clark street more or less around Lincoln park - walk to the beach, walk downtown,...
the air force doesn't really count, anyway.
that was my thought, as well.
I'm going to be in Melbourne next week, I might be pretty busy so not sure I can meet up, but does anybody have any recommendations for new resteraunts, or places I might not have been? or anything going on on labor day? thanks
cool, thanks, I'll check the other thread
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