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its great - just be very very careful about crime. as long as you are careful, you'll have a blast. food is really good, beaches are great
dinner last night at the girl and the goat. one of the best meals I've ever had. here's the thing - I really prefer sharing small plates to a steak, and I really like braised and stewed meats to rarer meats. so the menu is all small plates made for sharing, and the meat and veg sections (we honestly didn't have any fish, aside from a shrimp dish that I didn't eat) are heavy on braised and stewed meats. we had great beef short ribs, a pork shank, lamb ribs, goat empanada...
I think walters death scene was very important to him - no matter what his son thinks of him, he blew away a room full of Nazis. snorting a little meth at that point would just mess up the scene.
I am preparing a pretty rough negotiating session for Tuesday in Australia. Monday is a holiday. the guy I am meeting is an asshole. I am going to hit him Thursday end of day his time with a chunk of correspondence that is going to completely freak him out and ruin his 3 day weekend. I have instructed everyone that he might call for clarification to say "sorry, you have to talk to globetrotter on Tuesday, I really can't help you". I am going to have a good weekend, have a...
actually, this would have been fantastic.
thanks for the kind words Journeyman, the pleasure was all mine. thanks for the recommendation, SuttonZach
get a job selling something, pretty much anything. learn to sell, if you do well, get a job selling that pays more, do that again. then, see if you want to go back to school. if you find that you can't sell, see if you can find a skill that you can do, bank clerking or something. try a few things. good luck
I'll throw out something else - look at evantson, its a "walking " suburb, sort of a small town, very pedestrian friendly. about 45 min by train to the loop. great resteraunts, beaches, bars, parks etc.
I live in a sub, so that it my perspective. people I know who live in old town and in Lincoln park are very happy. as somebody said - biking in Chicago is fantastic. I like the L, but I don't depend on it, I ride it once or twice a month. the beaches are fantastic in Chicago, I would try to live as within walking distance of a beach. if I could chose a place in the city, I'd be aiming for clark street more or less around Lincoln park - walk to the beach, walk downtown,...
that was my thought, as well.
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