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There a guy at work who is driving me nuts. He's been with the company 30 years but he's my peer - he leads product management. Anyway, for a variety of reasons he has reason to believe that things aren't going well for him, so he is thrashing around trying to show that he contributes to everyone's teams. Anyway, he keeps trying to stick his fingers in my stuff, and I have to waste time on snapping him down. I've also taken to forwarding all his shit to our boss. Anyway,...
Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with that..... Actually, yeah, as ling as she doesn't grow a beard.
I read recently that graduates of clown school have 100% placement, so you could do worse. circus arts - I don't know how common it is, but in my town their is a circus arts school, for adults and kids. basically, you learn to do trapeze and tight rope and other stuff like that. several of my friends kids, and my kids friends, do it. since the little twin has great upper body strength/body weight ratio, and she likes climbing, we thought it would be a good choice for...
and then people don't get why Israel doesn't get all warm and fuzzy about trusting their neighbors
Glad you're ok. The girl didn't hang around to thank you or anything? Fuck that. Seriously, that takes balls and character. Glad you're ok
I was going to say, see a podiatrist - but I see you are doing that. foot happiness is key to happiness in life.
well, yes, its not that I dance around and think about it. its just when they post on facebook and I think, "yeah, that is pretty sub-par"and, ok, I'm not proud of it, but I guess nobody is proud of schadenfruende.
this might make me a bastard, or it might be perfectly normal shadenfruend - I have two ex-girlfriends who are my facebook friends. in general, I wish them well in life, we ended on good terms, although in both cases I probably would have wanted to continue the relationship longer then they did. anyway, I really enjoy seeing what losers their husbands are, and how ugly and stupid their kids are, on facebook. sorry, I know that is petty of me, but espectially the one that...
I find that I am a pretty fucking good cook, and my wife is a pretty good baker. now, since I have been on SF, I see a lot of people who have serious food training, but, of the people I know in real life, I am probably the best cook (well, aside from the two professionals that I know, and even they have never served me anything good). so I have extremely low expectations of food when I go to people's houses. sometimes I am really surprised, but most times not. the other...
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