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hank realizes that his life is over after he turns in walt - he knows that walt paid for his rehab with dirty money, but he doesn't care at this point.
I had another thought about the M-60. Walt does think things through and do research, there is a reason he drove to Vermont for that gun. think of all the meetings that take place in the middle of the desert where they pull their cars up to a spot. if one were to set a meeting in a spot like that, that has a very slight hill 200 meters or so away and then set up in a prone position with an M60 before the other car pulled up, that would be a perfect use for a light...
off on my way to see my dad, he's scheduled for heart surgery, and my wife and kids are out of town. this should be interesting. I thought that it would be nice to give him some moral support, but I don't know how this will go, I might be tired of it after a day, or I might last a week. we'll see.
I love global entry. the TSA pre check does me no good, apparently if you have any open ticketed legs that are international, you can't use the pre-check line, which basically means I can never use it. global entry I use all the time, I can be out of O'Hare in 15 minutes after my plan touches down.
the MAAG was magic. it makes bag guys disappear. but it was a specialty weapon, it was usually used by the biggest guys in the platoon.I have to say, from US military literature (like Tim O'Brian) it seems that the M-60 was typically carried by big guys, too.
http://www.militaryfactory.com/smallarms/compare-guns-results.asp?form=form&weapon1=122&weapon2=121&Submit=Compare+Guns yeah, 6 inches shorter, 3 pounds lighter.
you got me - I'm pretty surprised to see that film myself. now my whole life seems less impressive. it seemed a lot harder to me.
I've never used one. I have used an FN MAAG, pretty extensively. they use the same ammunition, and serve the same purpose. the MAAG is not an easy weapon to operate, from a sling. almost nobody pulls the charging handle back. the standard way to fire a MAAG is to swing the weapon forward and use the momentum to cock it.
New Posts  All Forums: