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I went to see "book of Mormon" last night. funniest thing I have ever seen. I almost burst from laughing. all in all had a good weekend - took my daughters fishing, bbq with friends, drinks with friends, blueberry picking, drink with my wife at a nice bar, show. can't complain
cool, thanks
I heard one of the funniest stories I've heard in years today. we had lunch with some old high school friends of my wife, from Colombia. one of them served in the Colombian army, rich kids don't serve in the army, they find a way out, so I asked him why he served. so, his parents made arrangements for him to stay out of the army, like all the other rich kids in his school. he started university. he gets a call from the army, telling him that he should come to pick up his...
thanks - no, never fly fished, Kai. I've done solo backpacking, that would be my default. I've done pieces of the Appalachian trail. I don't want anything way up above the tree line, maybe, but a hike that requires going up and down hills won't kill me. I was a little concerned about the apostle islands, that would require being out on a big lake, and that does scare me to do alone. thanks
hey, what the fuck, nobody has any idea ?
some things fell through, and now I have about 10 days where I don't have any work travel planned, and my wife and kids are visiting my MIL. I am thinking of doing something more or less fun. I could hang out at home by myself, I literally haven't done that in more than 10 years. but I was more thinking of going wilderness camping. 5-9 days of camping was sort of what I was thinking about. the first thing that came to mind was to hike a piece of the apalachian trail. since...
you should have asked, Douglas. yeah, Bogota can get chilly, although the locals think that it is freezing.I find that the first day is tough, then it gets better. after a day or two I can ride a bike and swim and exercise, but I'm always grumpy in the first day
Go to the bank and remove the overdraft protection. Cut up your cards. Don't buy anything. You'll be so grateful for this advice you will name your firstborn after me
welcome back GF pilot, PM me where you are flying, who knows I might run into you
had a R y J wide churchhill this afternoon, sitting in a sidewalk café in Soa Paolo
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