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on a tropical island for work. there are a lot of reasonably hot women in very skimply clothes preening themselves in the bar where I am sitting.
when the us bombs Syria, they will hit Israel. right now they have no good reason not to hit Israel with chemical weapons. I think assad has to know he's in trouble now, if he can kill some jew then one or another country will invite him in and give him asylum. pretty much everybody I know in arab countries thinks that America gassed those Syrian civillians to have a pretext to attack Syria. nobody has a good reason why, though...
I think that the Nazis were in it to show time frame - its sort of amazing to think that this is maybe 8 days or so since hank in the bathroom, and the Nazis killed the guys in the buried bus the morning after hank confronted walt and tyler, and jesse was throwing around the money. I think that everything that happens now will happen in 2-3 days, and then there will be a reason why nothing happens for the time it takes for walt to grow his hair and the house to show such...
I think that once you are king, it is very hard to decide to stop being king, I guess worth killing a bunch of people
I tell my kids this
keep safe acid
good luck shacking the funk, gentlemen. its interesting, I spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff as a teenager, set myself on course and I have to say that I haven't really thought about it that much, since. I had a rough patch when I walked away from the military life in my early twenties and took a path towards business, but even that was a matter of thinking about a course adjustment. I can't say I've had a real existential issue aside from that.
the beer is very cheap, and they have shots, too, of supermarket vodka and wiskey that I've never heard of that comes from very large bottles.
spending the week with my dad in this hole in the wall in upstate new York. he's doing pretty well, actually, and his house is cleaner than expected. the village he lives in is a trip. he hangs out at a VFW club, where draft beer is 50 cents, and the youngest guys there are viet nam vets. everybody in town wears a (non-ironic) baseball hat, boots, either clip on suspenders or overalls. all the conversations seem to have to do with guns. everything is sort of falling apart.
my absolute favorite is "principal" - it doesn't really say anything specific, aside from that you are a key person to the business. if I had a small business that is what I would put on.
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