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sounds like the wild west.
thanks - black hills sounds good, maybe that's what I'll do. I was hoping for something like a 60-80 mile hike that I could carry all my stuff on my back and find springs on the way, like with the Appalachian trail, but I might change the idea and stay someplace and do day hikes. as a complication, my dad might need to have surgery during this period, so I might give up on the whole thing and hang out with him.
fuck, I guess there is a limit to how long a tittle can be. I said, in this thread we discuss how we'd like our places of residence to be more like mayberry, while pretending we aren't racist.
its a tough balance. one suburb up is lily white, my son's school has 40% free lunches. I like that level, but I wouldn't want it to be 70% free lunches. and I don't want people who aren't from the town hanging around our playgrounds, myself.
this reminds me of a conversation that I had this morning. our suburb is the first one north of the Chicago border. apparently, some Chicago kids, African American, like to use the basketball court in a small park about 10 blocks from my home. recently, these kids came up, and bullied some smaller local kids off the court. we're talking maybe 15 year old kids pushing 12 year old kids off the court, something like that. so one of the little, local kids fathers went out and...
I am betting you aren't going to a public pool in the projects, town has public beaches, but you need to pay about 100 bucks a head per season for a pass, which is a nice selection process, as far as I am concerned.
that sucks. you did the right thing, but that sucks.I was in a hotel pool recently with a guy doing some kind of pool yoga or some shit like that, so I was doing laps and we was standing in the middle and doing shit. in a 15 m X 3 m pool, so I had to keep me eyes on where he was so I didn't collide with him.
yeah, what's hilarious is how much my sister and MIL are alike. and, yes, they are completely irrational and narcissists. fuck them
there is a good chance that my MIL will lose her house, not because she doesn't have money, but because she is too fucking stupid and lazy to pay her mortgage (which she didn't need to get, she got a mortgage just because she wanted to add a bunch of luxury things to the house, like granite counters). so I find out that she is 90 days late with her payment, but that doesn't stop her from paying her live in maid, the woman who comes to her house to do her nails, the...
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