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nobody every went wrong by assuming that arab officers were idiots. there are brave arab fighters, there hasn't been a smart arab officer in a position of authority serving an arab state in a strategic or tactical combat role sine independence.
aside from cafes, what are you looking for? berlin is great, not really quant, a little bigger than quant, but great cafes, great walking city, fantastic museums, good food. Vienna is great, too - a great walking city, great cafes, great desserts and pretty good food prague has is a great city to walk around in, I could spend a week just walking in prague. pretty good food, excellent beer, very good music - it seems to be where you end up if you are a musician looking...
not to mention Nasser. both koreas have done pretty fucking irrational and suicidal things over the years. countries do stupid and irrational things sometimes
sadam did some pretty irrational things, the Palestinians did some incredibly fucking irrational things. sometimes countries do things that are pretty irrational and suicidal by our standards.
there are very large mortars - if I remember correctly, the definition of a mortar has to do with 3 things:1. ratio of barrel length to caliber (less than 15 to 1?)2. low velocity3. the angle of fire is raised to decrease distance fired, which is the opposite (if I remember correctly) from a howitzer.so, yes, you can have really big mortars. they aren't common, the biggest I've seen is 160mm.that has to be a sucky way to die, because who knows if the team is going to hit...
hey I'm all for sitting it out - bad guys killing bad guys, in pretty equal forces. this could go on for years.
that I agree - they could have tracked blood onto the floor of the dinner for all they cared.remember how gus changed into the coverall to kill the guy with a box cutter?
no, I mean that there are obviously more attractive people around, and the girls are trying to show themselves off to the more attractive people by stretching and bending and arching their backs and so on, and I am the beneficiary of all that activity. but they are not wearing a whole lot of clothing to begin with.forgot to mention - so I had a group of guests in from out of town and I got them baseball tickets last night. the seats I wanted weren't available, so my broker...
I agree - I think it was more to show how unfazed he was at human blood on his shoe, and to make it clear that they had just now come from the killing of the other crew.
^ possibly, but I am still not clear what the end game is for assad. he really is homing on and his quality of life, and actual life expectancy, can't be very good right now. he could go out with a bang and be a hero, or he could go out and be a hero and his kids would be the descendants of the guy who killed a thousand jews. hard to say what he is thinking
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