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thanks will do
thank you!
I am looking to commission a suit from Lee Baron in HK, a business suit, DB in dark gray, probably aiming at 10-12 ounces. I need a number of suits, so I will be using this as a "pilot". having talked to a number of people on the forum, this seemed to be an excellent balance of quality and price point. I commissioned about a dozen suits, from 20-12 years ago, and they simply don't fit me anymore. so I have forgotten some of the stuff I used to know when commissioning...
gentlemen - I am ordering a new suit for the first time in about 12 years. I remember that there was a very good thread, a very long time ago, that talked about the various details to remember when commissioning a suit. can somebody remind me where that is? thanks
pm me if you are up. thanks
I've been a little busy so I haven't been around. life is good, kids are good. ran the original route marathon in Greece - Marathon to Athens a couple of weeks ago, had a great thanksgiving, work is good, taking the family to London and paris for a vacation. basically, life is good. that is all.
Alice - pronounced Elyse
never happen. you might get a lot less infantry, you might have dog shaped robots carrying gear, but infantry will be around
I don't like that, my self, but I'm old school with that. I still think that being able to navigate should be a primary skill of low level infantry officers and sergeants.
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