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Douglas - I am sure that you will make a decision that you will be happy with in the long run. in a lot of ways, it is the social environment that is most important for kids, they find ways to challenge their brains if they have a group of friends that challenge them socially.good luck
sorry to hear about it, the sense of violation can be horrible, glad nobody was hurt and that none of your good stuff was taken
I'm going to be in Melbourne and Sidney next week, and I'd like to buy a pair of boots, any suggestions for where, specifically, the best price would be?
yeah - I actually put that in my letter that I used to brief coaches before I interviewed them. I said that I wanted somebody who had grown up in the mid-west, never lived internationally and hadn't traveled extensively, and was preferably catholic. I think that the communication issue is huge, and I want to get a feel for the people I am supposed to be communicating with.
thanks for your kind words, gents.
hello gents, I haven't been around for a while. thought that I would check in. I had some annoying news a while back, and I think that was distracting me off some of my normal day to day stuff, and kept me off of the forum to some extent. I work in a company of about 300 employees, 100 million sales. I have 5 direct peers. about 2 months ago, my boss called me and said "we need to talk" so I met her right away off site for a short meeting. basically, she told me that 4...
glad to hear itsorry for your loss
thanks - great
any suggestions for buying a crocodile belt in hong kong or Singapore?
thanks will do
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