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Black lamb 4zip moto silver sippers about size 49/50 for sale
 Dang, I need a 32 in the Enzo. I agree, the fabric is awesome. 
 Yeah I know, I got a size 32 and it fits perfectly. I was just pointing out that "waist measurement" and "pant measurement" can be very different and be cautious of that. 
 Yeah, looking at the size chart and measuring with those instructions is the way to go. However, "actual waist size" is more often than not, different than your pant measurement. My waist is 29" but my hip where the pants band falls is 32". 
Got a $20 refund but my order email still included the chinos, what does this mean? 
Length is too long for my preference on a bombed, but otherwise looks good!
Do people usually get FedEx customs charge on Meermin? I received a $25 charge in the mail, haven't read it yet and not sure how they want me to pay it.
Received the new dark brown double monk Elton last. Really impressed with Meermin as these are my first pair. They were a bit narrow though. 
 You are 10.5D US in AE Strand? I need the E width because of my pinky toe, so seems like the Hiro last or anything similar to that will not work for me. 
If I wear a size 9E AE Strand, what size should I get in Hiro last? I'm thinking 8.5UK? 
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