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Brand new in box Allen Edmond's Dalton in Walnut sizes 9D, 9.5D and 9.5E for $325 shipped!    PM me with any questions, these looks great business casual or with jeans! 
 I've been trying to get an update on my two orders for over a month now. Got a response to message him my paypal email last week but haven't heard back since after a couple bumps. 
 You could be 5'8" but have the torso length of an average 6'0" guy. Don't go off your height, go off your actual body measurements. 
 Nice you got that Kanye dress slouch style going on except with your jacket instead of T 
Selling Toj0 navy/sand size 50 w/ 48 lengths. 
Our jackets will be worth $2,000+ when we receive it after accounting for inflation lol
How do you know it's vintage?
Grailed has a sale section now for discounted items on retailer sites, I believe they do make money that way. 
Lebron needs to come to the rockets
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