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-PayPal only -Free shipping to CONUS -PM me with any questions!   Lightly worn pair of Jack Erwin Hubert's size 9.5D in great condition. Worn less than 10 times. Slight residue from adding and removing heel slip leather pad on the back of shoe but easy to remove. Retails for $195, yours for only $50 shipped!   Full-grain calfskin upper Fully leather lined with padded...
Is it difficult to shorten a leather jacket 1", particularly a 4 zip Moto? Don't think the pockets would look too low, but the procedure may be tough. Thoughts?
-PayPal only -$5 for shipping to CONUS -PM me for any questions!   1. Sperry Topsider Authentic Original in Navy size 10D. Worn less than 5 times. $40 shipped.   2. Sperry Topsider Authentic Original in Ice size 10D. Worn less than 5 times. $35 shipped.
It baffles me why I can't choose a suit pant in my size instead of the stock size that depends on the suit jacket size. The size 40S Athletic fit jacket fits perfectly, but the pants are way too big, making it un-tailorable. 
Selling Toj0 Varsity in Navy/Sand size 50 with 48 lengths. 
Wide variety of new and gently worn (except the APC NS raws) jeans and pants for great prices! Please PM me if you have any questions. Shipping is $5 to CONUS via USPS priority. PayPal only, please. BNWT = Brand new with tag BNWOT = Brand new without tags   1. J. Crew Bowery classic pant in brushed herringbone. Blue, BNWT, size 30/32. Retails for $98, yours for $35.   2. J. Crew Classic...
Brand new pair of Ralph Lauren Slaton Calfskin Cap-Toe in Dark Brown size 10D. Retails for $475, yours for $250 shipped.
Brand new in box Allen Edmond's Dalton in Walnut sizes 9D, 9.5D and 9.5E for $255 shipped!    These are first quality, never worn. Great boots at a discounted price. PM me with any questions!
4 Toj jackets already but looking forward to adding a few Falcons soon :-)
 It's bulging out every so slightly, so perhaps it's not a legitimate concern. They're both not as short as I'd like. The length of the jacket ideally hits around my wrist and right now it's hitting at the bottom of my thumb. 
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