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-Paypal only -Price includes shipping via USPS to conus, int'l please pm me -Any questions, please pm!   Brand new in box Wolverine 1k in Cordovan leather, size 8.5D. First quality. Yours for $275 shipped! 
plz size me charly  
Just assume 52 week wait time when you order. Then you will be happy whenever you get your tracking. 
Toj 4 zip moto  
A little 4 zip Moto action   
Mora 1.0 from the 2 for 250 sale    Fits very comfortably and I believe these are firsts.    
 How about you measure your body and go with that?
I got a pair of Mora originals from the 2 for 250 sale. They are firsts and look pretty nice. Does anyone know the difference between the original Mora vs Mora 2.0?
Height and weight are only the guidelines, but your measurements is what it comes down to. 
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