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Anyone have an opinion on these spectators? They were made for Jack Wood Ltd, an old Trad shop in Charlotte. The heels look like classic Alden to me, but there are no other Alden markings. The size and model numbers are on the heel too, so they are pretty much unreadable. Sole says "Full Leather Lined"   [[SPOILER]]
You guys don't even know what I had to do to get these two shoes together. Shout out to the lady at SA who checked the whole store for me.   [[SPOILER]]
Couple of things. Crazy puffy frostline kit jacket    And this tie: NSFW  [[SPOILER]]
 Old shell is the best shell. As long as it's not totally dried out and cracked you can bring pretty much any shell back to life. And those old Florsheims were built like fucking tanks. 
  Two VERY differently sized pairs of Alden shell LHS. Bigger pair has the Horween stamp.  
I take a pair of shoes to the counter at the consignment store.  Dude at the counter looks inside the shoes. He asks, confused, "Horn-ween?"  "What is Horn-ween??" I say "I dunno."  [[SPOILER]]
Awesome vintage hand-tailored pants from 1956, tailored in Verona, Italy. Beautiful flannel fabric, double pleats, everything hand-sewn, button-fly.    [[SPOILER]]
RLPL linen/cotton paisley shirt.    [[SPOILER]]   Corneliani for PRL bubblegum pink cords.    [[SPOILER]]   Bright yellow grenadine tie from a small shop in Italy called Luciano. Still around, selling gloves, ties, scarves. Would love to visit. http://lucianogloves.blogspot.com/   [[SPOILER]]  J. Crew lambswool fair isle scarf.     [[SPOILER]]  Recent Zegna linen pants.   [[SPOILER]]
I'm in.
Description  This is an absolutely amazing piece from the Boglioli COAT collection. This jacket is made from a beautiful and lightweight 100% wool fabric, in a stunning sky blue and tan plaid pattern.   The jacket is VERY lightly structured, but is still half-canvassed. The shoulders are shirt-shoulder style, and the jacket is just a beautifully casual piece. Tagged a EU 52R.    EBAY...
New Posts  All Forums: