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 Y'all both owe me a coke. Especially e since that is the exact same fabric as the tweed I found. Also found this today: Dated 1936 tailcoat and trousers in midnight flannel. Shitty pics, but this thing is amazing. Found a bunch of other stuff, will take pix later.   
Also found these bad ass shortwings with no label, re-soled and re-heeled. Only marking I can make out is "USA".   
     My old punk band had a song called "Skinny Kids Get Wrecked" about skinny mofos getting smashed in the pit. I guess the joke's on me because my fat ass can't find a pair of raw selvedge that fit. End jeans oppression now. 
More proof that Ralph Lauren was killing it in the 70s: a super high-quality (fully canvassed, hand-sewn buttonholes) and awesome looking tweed jacket with a style that could have come from Naples today. High gorge, 3 roll 2, natural shoulder, removable throat latch, Barchetta break pocket (!!!), Flap patch pockets, all in a beautiful speckled tweed.              Other recent finds:                              
 Do you have a picture of the size and model info on the inside of the shoes? 
 I'm voting shell, but would need better pics to be 100%. 
 I wonder how much money Tom Ford has made by jacking this look. 
 Yes that is 100% the correct thing to do. Unfortunately I am an idiot and couldn't help but point out the bolded above, that he knew exactly what he was paying and paid it without ever contacting me before or after getting his items. Then of course he brilliantly deduced that I must be running a scheme where I make upwards of 1(?) dollar per transaction, for a net profit of nearly 30 dollars per month. Shit, how did he find out?  Anyways, to boil it down to a lesson for...
 It was $4 for each. And I would have combined the shipping, or even gave him totally free shipping. I don't care about losing $4. That's because I'm not running some kind of crazy arbitrage scheme where I make a couple dollars of profit based on shipping prices from each transaction, as this maniac seems to believe is a thing that might happen on eBay. Although now that I think about it....
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