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 Style is timeless  
Trad blast    killer pure cashmere 3/2 roll       bomb ass 60s smoking jacket, so paisley          nautical stripe blazer OLD MONEY         One of the coolest tweed colors I've ever found         3 piece tweed $$$$       And this gem, found the jacket a couple weeks ago and thought it was a sports coat. Then found the pants recently. MINT NWT Hickey Freeman custom made glen plaid. Definitely...
 Just in case anyone missed it. 
Levi's Big E Trucker - anyone have an estimate on the age for this? First big E for me.    [[SPOILER]]
 Truth, but hopefully MG can use this as evidence that this person isn't just acting in bad faith in her transaction but is actively using eBay in a fraudulent manner. Supposedly they care about being a place where that's not supposed to happen. Also, WE ARE GOING TO RUIN THIS PERSON. 
If the seller never looks and this person was actually just paying and then flipping with a stolen listing, it would probably go under the radar. When you start trying to screw people out of stuff like what's happening to MartiniGirl then they get exposed. 
 You can easily take him down for all those auctions, and hopefully you can use all that to either keep the money you got for the suit or get the suit back. I would NOT let eBay take your money and leave you with nothing. 
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