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 I live literally minutes away from Lawless, love denim, and can never find raw selvedge in my size because I'm too fat. Their whole shtick was super customized denim at a great price, I could have even gotten measured at the store.  I am their ideal customer. And yet I still won't buy from them because of their terrible quality control, shipping times, and overall shitty attitude. What a...
 Respect your elders. 
Just pulled the trigger on the Flint and Tinder. I'll let you guys know what shows up. 
Those are going to be beautiful with just a little bit of love. 
Recent finds. Shitty pics, but its late. First, the shell cordovan that was the first thing to greet me when I got off work and hit my thrifts. Alden for BB unlined LHS. 11.5D. NA unless you want to pay me ebay money.     Gant Rugger plaids  Some great outerwear. First is a retro looking Eddie Bauer down jacket  [[SPOILER]]  Mountain Hardwear Jacket.     And more insanity from early Polo Ralph Lauren. Triple patch bellows pockets, amazing herringbone tweed, half Norfolk...
The first thing I laid eyes on today
A real actual thrift find! Found a nearly full set of these (who needs a 7 iron?) yesterday. Good enough quality for me, and waaaayy cheaper than a new set of clubs.   
@eazye killin it. That Sammy was like $10 brand new at Last Chance when I picked it up 
 BUTT LUXURY 2-Ply Vintage Disposable Sulka Grenadine Toilet Paper Silver RARE WOW!
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