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This dude liked Oxxford the 80s/90s. So many low gorges. 
Been a while. 2 stops.             
 Style is timeless  
Trad blast    killer pure cashmere 3/2 roll       bomb ass 60s smoking jacket, so paisley          nautical stripe blazer OLD MONEY         One of the coolest tweed colors I've ever found         3 piece tweed $$$$       And this gem, found the jacket a couple weeks ago and thought it was a sports coat. Then found the pants recently. MINT NWT Hickey Freeman custom made glen plaid. Definitely...
 Just in case anyone missed it. 
Levi's Big E Trucker - anyone have an estimate on the age for this? First big E for me.    [[SPOILER]]
 Truth, but hopefully MG can use this as evidence that this person isn't just acting in bad faith in her transaction but is actively using eBay in a fraudulent manner. Supposedly they care about being a place where that's not supposed to happen. Also, WE ARE GOING TO RUIN THIS PERSON. 
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