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I may not be describing it accurately, so I have uploaded a picture.    While my wardrobe is still in it`s early stages, my plan is to grow it piece by piece. I have mixed opinions about it myself. Specifically, I want to know if the blazer fits inside of a formal work environment and what could be reasonably paired with it.
Solid color and more like a charcoal with pinstripes on inside. 100% cotton exterior 100% polyester interior and looks more like a suit jacket. Pics to follow.
Hi everyone,   This is my first post here and one of the reasons I joined up. I`ll cut straight to it. I have a charcoal black blazer and am trying to find out specifically what colors will match with it. Now this is a real piece of quality and I don`t want to sacrifice quality for a proper color match, however my wardrobe is still in it`s infant stages. Rather than buy something that won`t match, I want to know what quality pants and shirts will match in terms of...
New Posts  All Forums: