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Doesn't get much better than these, nice shade too. 
Hi Mike,  That is true. In the 70s and 80s when Alden's business was primarily orthopedic they used this stamp on most of their shoes like the LW, Plain Toes, Algonquins on the trubalance and truflare lasts. The tassels and other dress patterns used the New England stamp so it's a good question why they decided to use the ortho logo on this special make up.  Hi Mike,  That is true. In the 70s and 80s when Alden's business was primarily orthopedic they used this stamp on...
Had a couple inquiries about when they were made so here is another photo, has the old Alden logo. If I remember correctly should be almost 20 years now.     
 Ruby Gator Tassel. They don't get a lot of wear but still nice to look at.      
 Wow I'm glad they replaced them for you. Good on JCrew customer service. 
I would not worry about it since the welt will not fall off or pull further out. I would be surprised if the retailer can do anything after that much wear.If you use a tool with a smooth face, you can press against the top of the welt and push it towards the upper. This will close that gap and will help avoid water or other things getting in there.
 They are supposed to last longer when being worn in wet conditions and more slip resistant. Being that the butyl and waterloc are very flexible, it makes for a really nice feel on certain make ups and can help avoid heel slippage, especially with slip-ons. 
 Great to hear, I bet it is a big improvement. Post a picture if you get a chance !
@Namor - Honestly I wasn't planning on it but this pair had a brick red stain which made the sole look like a solid block. Along with the upper color combination, makes for a pretty loud shoe (which I kind of liked). Figured a deeper mahogany/transparent stain would give it more character, especially after some wear.    @MM - This stain is made from a few solvents mixed together with a brown shoe cream applied at the last step to add a little contrast. You can buy...
Thanks. Grabbed a photo just before and after sanding off the original stain. Didn't figure Trickers used a type of leather-composite for their heel stack, luckily the heel didn't come out too dark.     
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