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Ha, possibly. If EU implements the aging method, I believe many better grade chrome leather used in footwear will not be able to pass. Tanneries will then need to adjust tannages to comply which of course is quite a undertaking and can result in inferior hand and appearance. This year I experienced this with some tannery catering to EU market which have used the same chrome tannage for decades, if they are forced to abide to the aging method, it would be a big issue for...
 It seems that a larger pressure is being placed on the brands by EU regulation. The latest regulation effective 3/24/14 does not allow any leather which detects over 3mg/kg of Chromium 6, which derives from chromium 3 used in chrome tanning. I have tested many leather recently, multiple better grade leather failed especially when using additional aging method. From what I understand, this regulation may change again before California picks up on it...  That should be...
Does anyone by chance own the Photographer's backpack? I agree with some earlier comments regarding the price for a backpack but I imagine it would be just right for what I'm looking for. Really haven't seen anything similar on the market. Any comments or photos is appreciated.
  I agree with Aero. If your JCrew fits well, go down half a size for the trubalance. 
Those look awesome. Please do post some more photos of the process. Did a good job staining all the pinking as well  
Wow. That is the essence of shell  
It looks like the leather is actually torn 2-3 millimeter all the way up to the construction stitch right? If so, the retailer should not resist an exchange for new pair, if they have your size. Bummer.
No worries there. Seems still have a good 2.5mm+ at worst point. Alden's channels are not not very wide/deep to begin with so I would not worry about it chipping off. Enjoy the shells!
  Cigar Shell NST Boot, matching eyelets all the way up, double bend sole w/ antique edge finish. Barrie.
Unbelievable shine !
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