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 I have a Cigar pair that had contrasting vamps although maybe not as noticeable as above Whisky pair. After initial wears and first shoe shine using brown shoe cream, the two became more similar. As the other SF user mentioned above, after a couple wears and polish, both shoes gradually have more two tone/patina which also might make contrasting colors more subtle.  Although a left and right vamp may not be cut from the same shell, they should be cut from shells which...
I would keep without a doubt. I think it will only get better overtime and in my opinion looks great as is. Lot of character. 
After spending a couple days in HK and doing some research, I ended up at the Pedder Building Armoury. Excellent store and service, picked out a Ring Jacket and was fitted that day. Jacket was tailored and sent to me within few days. Very unusual to find boutique stores like this with unique product and people on the floor who really enjoy and understand the goods which makes a really cool experience. 
 To me it seems really close to the Barrie, a little fuller than the average last. I wear both 9E and 10D in the Barrie and the Ludlow 10D fits me comfortably.
This pair has been my everyday go-to pair for the last 4 months. Guilty of wearing them more as a boot since I do a lot of walking everyday in this wet winter weather. Although in need of a serious mac method, I think they still look great and hold a nice shine. As a owner of many shoes like the brands listed above in this thread, I haven't found the make or leather to be inferior in any way. Looking forward to see other users reviews.       
Very nice LWs Don, could you give the brand of pants here? Thanks
 Agreed. I suppose $500 is a exaggeration as Alden calf is around $450 range. But, I do not see a lack of materials/components or craftsmanship in this Ludlow shoe. Either way I would imagine if it is built well, it will do okay, otherwise it won't sell for long. 
Here are a couple photos of the Cigar Alden LW next to the Ludlow LW, sorry it took so long to post. Overall size of the Alden shoe is a little bit longer, fit feels very close though. Both are 10D.  
That sounds about right. I wear same size in the Barrie and Van last. 
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