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Due to the location, this was probably caused by the machine stitching the welt rubbing the upper. It happens quite a bit. If it isn't very noticeable when your wearing it, I wouldn't worry about it as it's on the medial side and small scuffs will probably accumulate in that area over time. Can also try to brush it out a little bit if you haven't. 
No problem. Unfortunately there are too many variable to decipher whether it would be dirt or finish. All depends on the leather, the shoes' original finish and application. It sounds like you are not having any issue with the final result and color transfer to the rag is common, shouldn't be harming the upper. 
I use a mildly damp cloth to wipe the shoe down after wearing. If only using a brush, I feel the shoe has not been cleaned enough depending on the condition. Once completely dry, applying a wax/polish/cream. Areas which have stitches or creases are definitely prone to hold some dirt/residue. Even when using a natural product to nourish/shine, I would find it a little surprising if the rag was completely clean after the application. 
Detailed replies are appreciated. Actually I feel the same way with regards to the zipper and the finish on the leather edge. The leather and other hardware pieces such as the clasp and buckles seem to be great. Having a zipper for convenience is nice but most will pose issues over the years.I appreciate the saddleback bags but they are a little on the casual side due to the heavy weight natural, unfinished leathers. Since you are in the area you are probably already...
 Aside from the softer leather, can I ask is there any other reason for not wanting to buy another Ghurka? I have the no. 17 as well and feel it is a great piece of leather and quite substantial, but it is unconstructed which I find favorable because it allows the briefcase to somewhat break around your body when your carrying it with the shoulder strap.  The only thing I dislike about the non-structured Ghurka cases is they rarely will stand upright on there own as you...
Judging by the photo this is very common fat wrinkling found on chromexcel and your vamp has a mild case, unfortunately one wrinkle into the toe box area. If you feel the leather is a little dry, venetian cream or some other natural conditioner will help and will also mellow out any color variance. I'd keep em. 
 Wow, I don't think I have seen one of those before   
 They had a few nice boot make-ups. The one on the far left should be plain toe in natural cxl, the darker tan is a NST boot in calf. 
Visited the one Alden store in Taipei over the weekend. Small store but a good selection including shell and carrying some widths. Prices are fair so would be a good option for anyone living nearby.       
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