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I don't often post on here, but I do own this tie and it's one of my favorites. I don't have a picture of the knot/collar like the ones most people post, but I do have this one
How about a rain lasted plum museum austerity brogue?
I went TTS on my pair and they are a bit roomy. I think I could've sized down, but I also have a pretty low instep. If you have a normal/high instep you might be alright. I'm size D and I found them to be quite wide as well.
Do you all notice a difference in size between monks and oxfords? The rain last only just works with my low instep and I've been reluctant to get monks because I'm afraid they'll be looser than my lace-ups.
My thoughts exactly.
Would this CXL boot be a balmoral? I could be interested if it's a blucher. What other design elements?
+1 - Initially, I was a little skeptical about how well this would work, but I've since used it to fix numerous pulls. It really does work great.
I have one shoe that doesn't exactly squeak, but it does make a sound kind of like a poof of air escaping. Has anybody else experienced this?
Can anybody please tell me what the sizing is like on the Lasalle? I'm thinking of picking up the chili pair that Nordstrom has on sale right now and I'm wondering if they run TTS.
Did anybody order the Herring Godalming II when they were on sale a bit ago? I've been looking for an inexpensive shoe in that exact style that I can beat up without worry.
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