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 I just bought their cordury blazer in XS (for reference, I am 5'4", ~130lbs) and it fit a little more snug than I'm used to, but not too bad at all and I'm pretty sure the corduroy will stretch anyway. I had to take in the sleeves a little bit, but that was it. If this one in wool/cashmere fits similarly, it should work pretty well for me. By the way, for socks, I really like Argoz (www.argoz.com) - I'm a size US 7D and their "large" socks fit me perfectly. They're doing...
I'm really interested in this make up. If we could do split reverse welt with a double sole (dainite, butyl, mini lug), then I'm in. Do you guys go TTS on your Eagle County boots?
Great post! Is that the Uniqlo wool/cashmere blazer? I've been thinking about getting it.
How are the women's shoes sized? I was thinking about getting my gf some jodhpurs for Christmas. She's a size 9 on the brannock device.
  Thanks for noticing! I was looking for herringbone fabric on eBay and found one I really liked from a store called Penelope Textiles. Then I started looking at her other offerings and noticed this fabric on there for $25/m - at that price, I figured I'd roll the dice. The fabric is thicker and dryer than I expected (almost scratchy like tweed), but it works really well in the fall/winter here. Here's a link to the fabric and if you're really interested, I could send you...
Generally, nobody at work ever notices my ties probably because they're solid and "boring," but a lady on the elevator this morning loved my green tie so I thought I would share.
Those boots are beautiful! How does the Llubi last fit compared to the other lasts?
The sweatpants at Uniqlo for me okay. I'm 5'4" and wear a size S
My first pair of Carmina boots. I took a couple of quick pics after I unboxed them yesterday. The color on these is amazing.    
Ok, well now I feel dumb for missing that piece of info - sorry, I had just woken up
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