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Yes, I've had a couple of polos tailored before - the length and the sides. I'm pretty sure any tailor could do it.
I found out a bit ago that David won't be re-stocking any more diamond silk weaves so if anybody wants one of those, you should consider jumping on it soon before it sells out. I missed out on the orange one and I feel a tremendous loss - it was going to be my next purchase. Anyway, he said he's going to replace it with something similar next year.   By the way, I hope he doesn't mind that I'm posting this. If there's a problem, I'll take it down.
[[SPOILER]] Are those chili pebble grain Macneils on the top right?
Could it be possibly knit ties?
I bought some very nice, thick gray/black herringbone fabric with blue flecks that I'm going to be turning into a sport coat this fall. This will be my first tweed sport coat and I was wondering if you all recommend making it unstructed (no padding, canvasing). What is your preference for tweed sport coats?
 I never noticed that tie before on the website, but I think it's beautiful. One more to add to the list. I've been having withdrawals since I've been waiting for some grenadine re-stocks and to see that unusual thing they're planning.
Gentlemen's Footwear, I believe, has finalized a deal to become Herring's US distributor. IIRC, they will be receiving some stock late this year. Check out his affiliate thread for more info.
I don't often post on here, but I do own this tie and it's one of my favorites. I don't have a picture of the knot/collar like the ones most people post, but I do have this one
How about a rain lasted plum museum austerity brogue?
I went TTS on my pair and they are a bit roomy. I think I could've sized down, but I also have a pretty low instep. If you have a normal/high instep you might be alright. I'm size D and I found them to be quite wide as well.
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