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My first pair of Carmina boots. I took a couple of quick pics after I unboxed them yesterday. The color on these is amazing.    
Ok, well now I feel dumb for missing that piece of info - sorry, I had just woken up
Is that an actual pic of the boots? I thought they were supposed have a storm welt? 1. Dark Brown Scotchgrain Jumper boots / Victory sole with Storm Welt / Oscar Last
I asked Paul on reddit if they plan on introducing a shortwing blucher into the line-up and he said yes, it will be introduced next winter. That's all the info I got.
Has anybody laid eyes on the tan leather Gobi and can comment on how it looks?
Here is the eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Quoddy-boots-Perry-Size-7-/151431209019?   I'm selling Quoddy Perry boots. These are made in Maine out of exceptional Horween leather. The color is cinnamon, which is a brown grain leather with very subtle red coloring. This boot features a very durable vibram lug sole. These have never been worn, only tried on at home on carpet. Will ship with bag and original box. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Here is the eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carmina-brown-captoe-bluchers-size-UK6-US7-/151431181093?   I'm selling a pair of very lightly worn, medium brown Carmina captoe bluchers with a medallion. These shoes are on the rounded Forest last They have only been worn around 6 times and were well taken care of  (polished by me with Saphir shoe polish and leather treatment). I'm selling them to make room in my closet. Please note that the box and shoe bags are...
How do you guys pronounce katahdin, by the way?
I wish they'd release a nice shortwing blucher model - didn't Paul say they were supposed to this fall?
It's my understanding that the Gobi is lined where the Mojave was unlined.
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