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Are there any plans to do another trunk show on the west coast?
Actually, I was assuming that it was this one: I'll let @pinkpanther weigh in.
Do you mind posting a pic of it? I was interested in purchasing it, but might buy the dark red instead.
I was waiting for you to chime in since you're the loafer expert on this forum. Seriously, I read all of your posts carefully before I decided on the Adams, which you said was worth the additional cost over the Grayson. I think I could make it work even if I need a tongue pad or some suede on the heel until the sole breaks in. I guess I was wondering how much you all are willing to compromise on fit, but with a foot like mine I think it'll always be a compromise unless I...
       Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll wear them around a little bit more before I make a final decision. @rostov - I actually noticed the same thing about the tassels and started comparing mine to pictures online. I do think it's just because of my small shoe size and they'd look less imposing on a larger shoe.
        I received these Adams 2nds yesterday and I was able to snap some really quick pics before I had to leave the house. I can't tell what the defect is except for maybe some uneven burnishing that you can see in the third pic, but I"m okay with that. I really like the shoes, but my heel slips a little bit. If I put a tongue pad in there it helps a lot, but I wonder if I should just return them rather than compromise on fit. I don't know how to size them...
I've had really good luck getting grease stains out by putting a small mound of baby powder over the stain and letting it sit for a couple of days (the longer, the better) before brushing it off. In fact, I've got my green grenadine sitting with some baby powder on it right now... I"m a messy eater.
+3 - perhaps we should get this going. I'd also be open to Dublin leather.
Does anybody have any experience using AE's bourbon shoe polish? It's my understanding that they changed the color somewhat recently after lots of people complained that it didn't match. I'm debating whether to give it a shot or use neutral. The problem is my Daltons are slightly different colors so I'd like to even them out.
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