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I wish they'd release a nice shortwing blucher model - didn't Paul say they were supposed to this fall?
It's my understanding that the Gobi is lined where the Mojave was unlined.
Suede is a lot more durable than people realize. I've worn the hell out of mine and a quick brush restores them well. I applied a waterproofing spray and have spilled beer and liquor without any issues - again, just a quick brush is needed. Here is an article that goes into suede maintenance: http://putthison.com/post/12793852286/q-and-answer-how-should-you-protect-your-suede
 I have the Herring Campden, which is the exact same shoe re-branded for Herring and with a different sole and I love it. The shape of the toe is not too sleek and not too rounded - perfect for jean, chinos, and cords. The suede is darker than I expected, but it has a soft hand.
    Thanks for the help, guys! I haven't had a chance to work on them yet, but I'll give these methods a try later today, if possible.
I just received my burgundy leeds from the shoebank sale and they're in fairly good condition as far as construction and stitching goes, but they do have numerous scratches all over as if they were a display model. One of them is a bit deep and if I run my finger over it, I can feel it. Will this buff out with some cordovan cream?
That's a tough sell. I could try it, but she might indeed find herself a better-dressed boyfriend and it won't be me.
I hate to do this so quickly, but I'm going to have to bow out early from the single monk MTO. It slipped my mind yesterday that my girlfriend's bday is coming up soon and I should probably focus on getting something for her.
I'd also be interested in medium brown calf or even brown museum calf - does anybody have a picture of what that looks like?
I'm a 7D in Macneils - would I take the same size in the Leeds? These would be my first pair of shell shoes.
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