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I'm 5'4" with a ~14.5" neck and I go 52". I could probably go a little longer if I wanted to, but this gives me a lot of flexibility in terms adjusting to meet different rise measurements. My suit pants, for example, sit quite a bit higher than my odd trousers from Howard Yount.
Thanks for the great write-up! I really like Corgi socks, but couldn't find a good supplier in the US so I especially appreciate the link to socksfox. I also really like argoz socks (www.argoz.com). I'm a size 7US in most shoes and I find that their "large" size, which is sized 8 - 12 ½, fits me perfectly. I can't imagine how they would even fit anybody with a foot size at the top of that range. Their "regular" size corresponds to sizes 3 - 7 ½.
 Do you think they'll be arriving along with the navy punch toes?
Does anybody own the peach/brown houndstooth tie that can comment on its versatility?
I haven't had any problems with the previous stitching leaving a mark when I let out the seat, but i only have experience with the tropical wool, nailhead, and four season trousers. I don't have much of a need for flannels here in LA.   Thanks for all of the replies so far on the old Italian vs. the new Italian! I just placed an order to for two more trousers - the tropical wool cream (which my gf absolutely hates so I have to prove her wrong) and the tropical wool blue....
I absolutely love this tie and I'm very tempted to purchase it, but I have a hard time picturing how to wear it. It seems like it goes best with a white shirt, which I hardly wear these days. Do you find it versatile outside of the navy suit/white shirt combo?
Does the new Italian fit have less room in the seat than the old one? I'm a decent fit in the old Italian fit, but it's as snug as it can get in the seat for me (I have to get it taken out) so I'm hesitant to try the new one.
I could maybe deal with the discoloration since that'll probably even out with some polish, but I definitely wouldn't put up with a scratch that like that. Those should've never been shipped out. Personally, I would contact the shop you ordered them from.
That's very true and that's why their classic fit broken-chinos don't really work for me. However, they're Bowery chinos are pretty straight cut all the way through so I can hem them to the right length without a problem. The size 28 have a 15.25" hem, which works fine for me.
I'm about the same height/weight and I buy the same J. Crew chinos. It costs about $10 to get them hemmed by a tailor. Recently, I've taken to hemming my own pants and it's saved me quite a bit of money. It's pretty easy too.
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