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That's a tough sell. I could try it, but she might indeed find herself a better-dressed boyfriend and it won't be me.
I hate to do this so quickly, but I'm going to have to bow out early from the single monk MTO. It slipped my mind yesterday that my girlfriend's bday is coming up soon and I should probably focus on getting something for her.
I'd also be interested in medium brown calf or even brown museum calf - does anybody have a picture of what that looks like?
I'm a 7D in Macneils - would I take the same size in the Leeds? These would be my first pair of shell shoes.
David usually cuts it on the bias so it looks like this: x o x o x o xo x o x o x ox o x o x o x If you want to be sure, you can always specify what you would like in your order description.
Yes, I've had a couple of polos tailored before - the length and the sides. I'm pretty sure any tailor could do it.
I found out a bit ago that David won't be re-stocking any more diamond silk weaves so if anybody wants one of those, you should consider jumping on it soon before it sells out. I missed out on the orange one and I feel a tremendous loss - it was going to be my next purchase. Anyway, he said he's going to replace it with something similar next year.   By the way, I hope he doesn't mind that I'm posting this. If there's a problem, I'll take it down.
[[SPOILER]] Are those chili pebble grain Macneils on the top right?
Could it be possibly knit ties?
I bought some very nice, thick gray/black herringbone fabric with blue flecks that I'm going to be turning into a sport coat this fall. This will be my first tweed sport coat and I was wondering if you all recommend making it unstructed (no padding, canvasing). What is your preference for tweed sport coats?
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