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Well, i guess this forum is all about people who avoid Zara, Mexx and H&M. Like, go to this:    There is the right designer for you!
Hey folks,   I would be interested in what you are gonna wearing for Christmas? Do you wear something special?   I bought a beautiful dress for this year. :)   I think on a special day like Christmas you should wear spacial colthes. :   Greets
Hey guys,   I just bought this amazing foutain pen from montblanc ->   I love it when things are matching perfectly together, therefore i want to ask you if you know if there exists a suitable clock of Montblanc.   I'm pleased to hear from you.   Greets.
LoL   maybe you need a bigger one. :) i hav a big bed like this one -> could be an idea for you too. :) 
It would be a pants in exactly the same color or a different color. You can also attract ne tie and a hat to.
I am now very much Gone. But of course I'm also driven bicycle.
So I find very cool denim. I also like to get into the store of Denim   lg
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