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Gucci, Alex Wang, Thos Wylde, Modern Amusement, Retrospecs & Co. Horn, and more! All right here. Free shipping to SF members, I will pull items you like immediately, and I will take consideration of your offers (something I don't do on eBay). DM me for questions or more info.  
Just found these specs floating around my place. I put them on, and they completed the outfit perfectly. The style is Golightly, men's frames by German maker, Freudenhaus. Do you think they're too much for a lady? Any thoughts on these?  
What I'm wearing today is reminiscent of Shelly Duvall circa "The Shining" if Shelly Duvall was also a bag lady. The "Homeless Duvall" look consists of a red long sleeve, button-up dress in a chambray material (light for winter, I know), overwhich I am wearing a grey men's cardigan with yellow stripes. Underneath, I am wearing navy-blue leggings that button up the sides, heavy, grey wool socks, and Minnetonka moccasin slippers with fringe. To top it all off, I'm wearing...
Hi Everyone! I'm Mere and I live in PA with my boyfriend who collects cars and Lilly Pulitzer bow ties. I collect shoes, bags, sunglasses and spectacles. I love old furniture and other old stuff in general and I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!
I love Commander Riker and I have mixed feelings on Bigfoot. However, I do own a number of Bigfoot and Sasquatch-related books. Why, might you ask, do I own these? They were a gift. Yes a gift, from someone to whom I neither mentioned Bigfoot nor made any abstract reference. And yet... take a look:  
Yes! Hair! I have so many questions for the guys! I am a woman with a short, pixi hair cut. I think it looks great and really flatters my features. My boyfriend, however, wants me to grow long, mermaid hair that he can run his hands through. I told him that my hair, when long, is so thick and curly that I look like a country singer that's been electrocuted. He is not to be swayed that I should grow my hair out. So my hair-related questions are these: why do guys want...
I purchased this armoire about a year and a half ago, and have had a love-hate relationship with it ever since. I love it because it's a beautiful, cedar-lined home for all my vintage collections and fits my hats perfectly in the center cabinet. I hate it because it's huge and impossible to move. Also, it's rather imposing and you can feel it in the room. It's dimensions are 23" deep x 92" tall x 72" wide. However, when I had the space for it, it was great. Currently,...
Hi! I'm Mere. I live in PA with my boyfriend who has a lot of cars and Lilly Pulitzer bow ties. I have a lot of shoes, bags, and sunglasses. I'm a fashion and lifestyle writer with a penchant for collecting old furniture and other old stuff. Looking forward to being a part of this forum! Love men's clothing! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!   
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