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  Welcome :) 
Amen to that Trebor :)
Hey, so I figured since its Valentines Day and all that - we should do a random thread, where we can just posts things we love and are grateful for.  Whether its your socks, your wife, your fish or your lunch - share it on here :)    Lets spread the love... I'll start !   I want to give thanks to my lovely wife - who today made me sandwiches (something she used to do over 30 years ago when I had my first job in the city).   Ok, ok, enough with the slushy...
Been sleeping like a baby every night.
  I try to do this on my lunch if I can. :)
I like this - I am in my late 50's, and wouldn't dream, nor dare, to get a tattoo - however I don't understand peoples obsession with judging others with either tattoos or piercings.    There are more important issues in the world that we should be putting this much emotion in.    :)
This thread got a bit wild. Ha ha
  Now that would be a midlife crisis..    No, just water im afraid!
Then I must travel to this marvelous place
    Ha ha
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