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I do own a Shordace and it's a normal fit (yet I never try a Commander). Relatively high armpit though.
Yes they do.
Everything fits well and looks fantastic! Especially that waistcoat.
The Merchant Fox Reefer Jacket is on sale Lovely. It's a peacoat, right?
50% off some Tricker's boots (with vibram soles) at Nitty Gritty Store now. 
Beats me... I'm no US resident. In my country EVERYTHING delivered by UPS always gets hit by local customs, others are quite safe. 
Superdenim is now selling some tricker's at good discount (and some Nigel Cabourn stuff).
I'm 5'11, 150. Just purchased a Shordace jacket (size M, supposedly 40). It fits well. Size 38 may be very tight for you. But it depends on styles. 
Have never hand-washed any apparel for more than 20 years. Dry clean is fine. I own some fine knits from Johnstons of Elgin Scotland. Just dry clean them (but only once a year).
Barbour International is very stylish, simply wonderful! Why regret. Love the shining buttons.Unluckily the retailer sent me a wrong size (large instead of medium), and I had to give it to my brother-in-law.Already ordered a Shordace, then I'll still own two Barbour jackets.
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