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Thank you for the suggestion, I took a look at Dehner boots and there are some there that are what I want, but you are right, the price is higher than I wanted to pay. I may be able to find a used pair on ebay or something.
What you call a "special flower thread", I call a detailed explanation of what I am looking for so that anyone who is willing to help doesn't waste their time making suggestions that are not what I am looking for. How would you feel if you came to a new forum, a forum where you thought that people were a little more mature than elsewhere on the Internet and you were welcomed with mocking and insults?
I take it that you didn't read the part where I said I have been looking for boots for 4 months? I have been unable to find anything on my own, so I came here to see if there was anyone with more knowledge who was willing to help me. If you are not willing to help me, that is fine, but you could do so without the sarcasm.
No, it is just I came here and thought I found a forum of mature adults, but I was wrong. I expected people to tell me that what I was looking for would be difficult to find, but I didn't expect childish responses. I guess this is the Internet and I shouldn't have expected more from the people here than anywhere else, but it wasn't much of a welcome to this forum.
Well, I can see I am not going to find help here. Too bad, this seemed like a nice forum, but the only response I get was mocking me. Maybe I can find a better forum elsewhere.
  Thanks for nothing.
I have spent about 4 months trying to find boots that are exactly what I want. I have just about given up looking at this point because I just can't find what I want, maybe someone here may have some suggestions. I apologize in advance for my criteria, I know it is very specific and probably very difficult to find something like this.   I am looking for black boots, either leather or synthetic leather that I can wear with jeans or casual pants. Nothing too casual,...
  Thank you for your suggestions Man of Lint. I am not going for a pirate costume or cross dressing, so I'll keep looking for some other boots. My biggest problem with most taller men's boots is that the shaft of the boot fits very loosely. I would really like it to be more snug. I had a pair of Frye boots about 10 years ago and I was never really happy with them because they felt very heavy and the shaft was very big. I also want the inside to either be smooth...
I know this is a weird question, but I am interested in these boots: I am a man and I like wearing boots, but all men's boots look the same to me and are all ankle boots. I find them very boring (no offense to anyone who likes them). I also want something higher, but I also don't like cowboy boots. So I began looking at buying women's boots that could pass for men's boots. I am not a cross-dresser or...
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