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Hey that's my order edit: oops, only the noragi was mine #9236 for those curious
An older fit for the contest, WvG camo pandas.
Was the aqua blue panda shirt preorder/special order shirt taken off the website? I can only see the sea green panda shirt.
  All I want to buy from now on are WvG shirts. Sorry I got the epaulets cut off of the hunting jacket, but the jacket really is fantastic.  Also, what's the word on the camo panda shirts?
 Gotta remember to ask for a beefier collar roll next time I preorder a shirt.
Haven't gotten mine yet either, and I emailed him a few hours ago. Hopefully he sends them out soon, I wanted to buy a shirt!   Edit: Nvm, he just sent it. awesome.   Anyone have a list of Barbour retailers? I'm trying to find the Wessex in large for around $400. I've saw it on but for 400, but it's sold out now. There's also one on but they won't take my visa for some reason. 
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