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Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU Calm down, guys. Don Carlos is trolling you hard. For the record, the Paleo diet is complete and utter bullshit. Name one Olympic athlete that uses the Paleo diet. For every one you can name, I'll name 100 that don't. And by the way, I have around 12% body fat, so save the name calling for your fat ass 'Bertrand.' No shit he's trolling. And that shit is corny. What phaggot does that shit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Oink oink says the little dumb piglet! Says the phaggot who stairs at penises in locker rooms.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos More like YOU know nothing about nutrition. Lol. Cheapskate fatpig. Ok phaggot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Awwww, widdle fat piggly wiggly is sad! You know absolutely nothing about nutrition. There's a reason why professional athletes and bodybuilders don't follow your dumbass diet. You are beyond retarded. Stop posting bullshit in this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos This is why you are a chubby checker. You are a moron.
Am I nuts or didn't the current generation just come out a few months ago? I know Apple releases new generations like crazy but I thought a new macbook pro would be due first.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg Anyone on Washington comment on how Werth is being viewed by fans down there? I read an article about him having made some comments, but it was a crap article and didn't actually mention what the comments were....ESPN is really going down the toilet. I'm curious to this as well. I'm a huge Phillies fan and go to lots of games. Always had my Werth shirt or jersey on last year. It sucked seeing him go but it...
^^^ Check this out. This guy sells tons of parts for the 750's. He also builds really cool bikes.
Maybe you're trying to get high paying, competitive jobs? I went to a smaller private school and graduated with a mediocre GPA like you, less then 3.5 but greater then 3.0. I got a job within two weeks of getting out of school. I wasn't even heavily looking for a job or anything. Usually getting the interview is the tough part for me because I don't stand out. Decent GPA but nothing great, Princeton Review Top 373 school but definitely nothing special, no real...
This thread scares me.
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