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I see where you are getting at meso. It just wouldnt fit my budget or be sensible to buy raws since Im still growing.
You can do a lot with 5k. I understand the appeal of raw jeans but honestly you can spread that money in other places. Shoes outerwear etc.
Is there a thread about clothing concepts?
Very Inspiring.
Not to derail bonneys question but do 508s stretch a lot? Is sizing down ideal? From my knowledge I understand they contain elastic.
I cant seem to find 508's in the size and inseam Im looking for.   I tried many sites but the size I want is always sold out. 29 waist 34 inseam.  Is there any other sites that I can find 508s?
Hey do you gentlemen wear shoetrees with your baller sneaks?
Has anyone purchased the fleeces? How are they?
Some Buttero Tanino Mids.
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