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I think this thread as brought me to reality financially... in other words no more baller sneaks
Deets on G unit hoodie? Its a steezy kop.
Undecided for gift for my mother. Im stuck between CDG Chucks or 1970 Chucks.
Duffle looks on point imo.
Nothing bought yet. But Im at negative balance :/
Hey man Im in complete agreement with you when you mention the similarity of fits. Id say on my part Im playing it too safe with my fits. Hopefully down the road that will change because we have lots of awesome and original people on this forum who deliver great fits, you included.
Gap Everlane Levis Buttero
Narrowed down my options to two brands for a simple suede ankle boot. Lace up or zide zip. How is the quality vice versa moma to buttero? Or Should I save?
Rick gosling ultra platinum edition.
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