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Deets on varsity?
Ive been thinking about getting some buttero boots for this winter. Does anyone have expierence with them? Will they hold up to snow?
Extra Crispy Stitches.
Hey guys. Ive been looking for a nice boot to spice up my wardrobe. Ive started from scratch a while ago and most of my wardrobe is mostly uniqlo/gap. And footwear is basic black/white sneakers. I also dont have any outerwear. I want to incorporate some W+H pieces because I like the brand and aesthetic.I was thinking of just picking up buttero boots but not entirely sure. Here are somw boots Ive been thinking about.
Looking for some cheap skinny cordories. Is uniqlo a good bet?
30 Bucks on a hoodie. Got no outerwear .
Everlanes v necks are pretty solid.
The New mountain parka is not that warm More or less the same except its much thicker and contains less nylon.
Good job guys. Got a good nest egg for quality items now. Stil holding out .
New Posts  All Forums: