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Does anyone know where I can get some 3/4 sleeves like uniqlos?. Seems they are out of stock
Inexpensive fit. Old Navy Speckled Sweater Asos Joggers. Suede Converse. I think the knit is too tight. And the joggers are a bit put of place. Feedback is much appreciated.
I remember you rocking a similar outfit a few pages back synthese. Very solid.
Lately Ive been thinking about getting some boots. I really enjoy marsells military inspired boots. I was wondering if they are worth the retail. Or if there is a similar boot of higher or comparable quality.
Jeans look really tight. Can see your knees knocking. As well as the zipper...
You wont damage any of your clothes if you use a lint roller. Use it on my black skinnies all the time.
+1 on the selvedge jeans.
The sprezz is real. But it will never beat in stitches g unit hoodie.
+10000. Tried the bee cardigans and them shits are tight
New Posts  All Forums: