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Wouldn't spend more than 300. 400 max
Looking for a high quality thick jacket similar to my HM Jacket. Not sure what brand to choose from. Any suggestions?
How often do you guys wear jeans? I mean most of the time I'm in sweats. Actually I take that back, 99% of the time im in sweats joggers or some shit like that. This has made me step up my athleisure game tho.
If you had to choose only one brand for your entire wardrobe, what would it be and why.
Dig the coat.
Looks like Greats Wilson suedes. I could be wrong however.
Kinda have the same predictmant that classified is dealing with guidis. Will moma boots be a good alternative? Mainly for streetwear fits, as my job I can wear whatever I want. I remember them being a hit couple of years ago on here. They come in a variety of styles too..
Nice kop.
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