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Just bought the new mountain parka. Looks like better material from last year so far.
Actually really enjoyed the twist on the flannels last seson. Jet has a pic back in the threads, red check with hints of blue.
Anyone no wear I can find a leather jacket for 200-300? Something in a burgundy or blood color?
Looking for a slim burgundy leather jacket. Asos has one but their sold out in my size. Size M Something like this.
Im 19. Does this mean I still look hip and rad in hoodies?
Any adidas similar to the country twos? I do enjoy the strong GAT resemblence.
Those gats are prety darn versatile. Nice fit!
Anyonw tried the new sweatpants?
Cant seem to find these in an 8.5. Country ii
Honestly, I think it's best to save and shop at B&S for something similar. Got a coat for 30 bucks more with better material. However, that looks pretty nice.
New Posts  All Forums: