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Hey benes. What jeans are those?
You mean blazers?
Looking for a black fur lined fishtail parka/ and or fur lined n3b that is slim but not overly slim. Lengthy I would say. Any suggestions?
Trust me I have owned at least 38 authentic ambercrombie and fitch jackets. THAT does not look authentic at all. Also the moose antlers are misaligned. green needs to me be more bright. Like neon green so people can see you at night wearing it.
Unfortunately Epaulet is sold out in other sizes.. Is there another vendor that sells the black n3b?
Thats pretty crisp.
Looking for a slim black anorak Other colors would be awesome.
Nice Contrasting.
This has to be uniqlo outerwear If I had to guess. Can anyone identify? Its looks like an anorak.
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