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All of the Shop the Finest products seem to have disappeared from Amazon.  Is that something you will no longer be offering?
In that case that article is more or less an advertisement, and that seems like a fair assessment and of this article.
I like Zegna but not as much as the shirts with hand work like Isaia, Borrelli, and Barba. The absence of those brands tells me the author of that article doesn't really know anything about shirts.
Why make this so complicated? Why not go to the good stores where you live and try on several high quality brands until you find the fit and style you like? If you can't find any that you consider to be a perfect fit then I supoose it is true that ready to wear will be a waste of money. But most people don't find that to be the case. And, of course, there are plenty of ways to "waste" your money on bespoke.
You don't know how to find sales? Stores have sales periodically. There also are numerous websites that continuously provide discounted goods. Also, there are outlet stores. Those are some of the means for locating goods on sale.
Put on a goddam sweater.
Here's my 2 cents on your offerings: they are out of step with what I think most people on this forum are looking for in at least two important respects.  First, the patterns are not "soporific" enough--take a look a look at threads like Sam Hober (which offers lots of solid grenadines, wools, macclesfields, and subtle and muted patterns and colors), What are You Wearing Right Now, and Yellow Hook Necktie, as examples.  I think these are the types of ties people here are...
I noticed some shoulders that were built up almost to a pagoda shape (admittedly I'm not sure where you draw the line between a prominent rope and pagoda)  E.g.:  
 That's complicated reasoning--whether the suit is "to be cherished" or "fashionable" and whether you are and academic or in the business world.  I think the bottom line is you need to update your clothes on less than a 15-20 year timeframe. 
Is this a reasonable expectation?  I certainly expect I will be buying different styles of suits in 15-20 years.  I don't buy what I would consider "fad" suits--reasonably classic proportions, lapel width, etc--but I expect that there will be enough differences in gorge, label width, trim or not, etc., that the suits I'm buying now will look dated in 20 years.
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