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If I understand those photos correctly, the cuff is generally so tight you have to wear your watch in top of it. It that correct?
I have a question about the proper way to hem chinos.  I just picked up two pairs of Incotex cotton chinos from a local alterations tailor I've had good luck with in the past.  To my surprise, they finished both pairs like jeans: that is, with visible double seam, leaving no material for further alterations (except I suppose for shortening).  This is not what I've expected, not what I've seen before on this type of pants, and there's no apparent way to fix it because they...
It seems pretty clear that, when they are making a big deal out of the line being made in America, they wouldn't advertise it as made in Europe.
I'm curious what leads you to believe that a suit advertised as "made in Europe" is a result of the announcement that suits would be made in Rochester, NY?
The HW Marriott in Cherry Creek would also be a good place to stay.  Near downtown, and there are good restaurants there plus the best shopping (including Andriesen Morton and Lawrence Covell) if you are interested in that.  Of course, most people don't come to Denver to shop for menswear.
This, to me, is a perfect example of the folly of cheap mtm. People always say fit, fit, fit. But I guarantee I could outfit this person better otr.
That's it. Time to shut the site down.
Here's a more open minded response: Bermuda shorts and a "no fat chicks" t-shirt.
I was looking, in particular, at the Borrelli sport-coats.
It seems that long jackets (at least in my size, US 46) are rare on STF.  That seems to be the case at other online retailers, such as ehaberdasher, as well.  Is there a reason for this? Is there a time of year or a place where more are available?
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