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What are the emails for all the various shoe banks?    So is it 2 for $250 or 2 for $300 right now?
I'm going to wait until they sell these jeans outside of kickstarter.. Their special denims sell in such limited numbers.
They are all long wings no? Why don't they offer a non long wing anymore? Wasn't popular?
Does Allen Edmond still make the Lombards?   Do they have an wingtips that are open laced (bluchers)
Is it normal for a vintage 34 to measure 19" p2p? Or is that big?
If your chest is an actual 40 measured I wouldn't order tag size 40. More like 36. But that's something you are going to have to do research on. I bet if you measured the actual chest on that 40 size vintage it would be something like 44" or something.    Vintage coats are boxier. It has to do with the cut and the material. It's a much stiffer material (kersey) so it does look a bit boxier vs todays newer blends.    So you can try sizing down and see how that...
I use to be like you.. Got over it after a few years.   I would say raw jeans aren't for you. There will be bacteria on the pants. Especially around the fly area.   Unless you dedicate the jeans to OUTSIDE only clothes and take them off as soon as you get home.. If you are ok with that.. Maybe you can rock the jeans for 6 months without washing. If even wearing "dirty" jeans outside bothers you.. Well you are going to have to wash the raw denim. Nothing wrong...
Gotta love the ravello. Would be my ultimate pair of chukkas. Do they still sell the chukkas in ravello?
They are wrong. If you have emailed them enough you will realize that if you ask for real measurements they will take the tag size and add 4".   When I asked about the 34 he told me its 4" ontop of tag size so it's 38. He doesn't actually measure it. You are still taking a chance when you order on VT.. Nothing you can do about it. 
Why not just bring her to a store to try them on and see what fits? My gf loves her pair of NF Skinnys. 
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