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  Nicest ToJ available at the moment imo, good purchase.
i know its mtm but 5 months is a ridiculous wait time for a jacket, hope the new factories open up soon.
  That looks sick, details on model leather and hardware?
  Probably because the leather type is more for fashion jackets. If i were to get a jacket of that type i would go for some hard wearing, thick, rugged looking leather.
nice jacket bro but pens in the arm pocket of an MA-1 like that, really?
What will the backpack be like in rain? Need a new backpack but will be wearing it everyday i go to college so it will need to be able to hold up in even the worst weather.
Bag looks exactly like my grannies favorite handbag
  Thanks, you posted the help while i was in college so only just seen it ;-).   Too casual for a 2 week internship at a small marketing firm? would these be appropriate for office work with a suit (not started the job yet and have no experience in an office before.   Also, sorry for asking this as i know its probably been asked a million times before but the search function is useless. How do they fit? Im size 8.5uk.
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