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Hi guys   I'm about to order some boots in the Hiro last. Allen Edmonds I wear 11D (borderline small, almost perfect with thin socks) so I'm thinking I should go with 10.5 here. Anyone with similar experience?
   Thanks for the input. I can get MTM suits at factory prices so the jacket would run me less than $150 (half-canvas w/ horn/MOP buttons and Bemberg lining) and I have plenty of other sport coats. I was really just curious what you guys thought about that fabric.
What do you think about this pattern for a summer sport coat? It's wool/linen/silk (60:30:10) and I would get it unlined and unstructured.  
         Got you all. I'm just having a layover in Dusseldorf and travelling with just carry-on so I won't be able to proxy for anyone, but I'll let you know what they have. I contacted SS and they told me the outlet gets new stock on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I'm hoping for a nice selection.
I'm heading to Roermond next week (Thursday). Anyone want me to keep an eye out for some specific cuts/sizes at the SS outlet?
Has anyone been to the outlet recently? I'm thinking about flying through Cologne on my way home from Napoli and drive over to Roermond to pick some things up for cheap. Can I expect to find some good stuff there like Havana, Lazio and Washington suits/jackets in 98, or is it mostly odd sizes and items that didn't sell well?
 Awesome post. Really appreciate it.
Really appreciate you taking your time to reply Sam! To be clear, I wasn't doubting the quality of your ties at all. So to be completely clear, if the twill seems to lie at lets say 20 degrees, that has nothing to do with the silk being cut to the bias?
I was just browsing and trying to learn about what makes a quality tie a quality tie. After doing some research I found out about the silk being "cut to the bias" or 45 degrees. Does this method of cutting the silk mean the stripes on the ties (the weave, not the pattern) will lie at 45 degrees as well? I'm just using Sam Hober as an example here because the ties on their sites don't have the weave at exactly 45° (see links). Btw, I'm just unaware and trying to learn, and...
I know Hobers are quality. That's why I used them as an example. Hopefully Mr. Hober can chime in here.
New Posts  All Forums: