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wow these are definately on my wish list!
i put some montana pitch blend on mine after seeking advice on the forum. Gave the boots a nice boost in color and apparently it provides great protection from the elements. So far, so good.
wow. these are def on my wish list.
amazing shine Uncle Mac
does anyone have any experience with Montana Pitch Blend? I just bought some for my Indy's, but now I'm seeing that they may darken the color. I have the 403s, which are dark to begin with, so I think it should be alright, but if anyone has used this before, please share.
are these j.crew?
I have always wondered this myself. Please share if you have experience with this.
what are these called?
  Plato...I got these at Alden of DC
My first pair of shells...Ravello PTB's  
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