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Luv ea!!One thing about eaIf you aren't fit it may not fitGiven my fatness a lot f my ea is no fitting.....Ea:New stuff is high end expressShit qualityPimp looksOld stuff is actually good quality in comparison but resale is shit. Because ea is fashion brand.
Thx cdgreg
Crüe sup!
ThisNot to derail but it's not nordstromsThey get paid minimum wage .What is a beater to you is an expensive shoe to most peopleOur perception is skewed because we are aficionados
Refund his moneyDon't bother with himChance of getting forked high
What if they pay in vicuña socks
Thx dr Livingston and tubs for nice gear!!!!!!
Crüe sup CLose horse sell or donate don't resole no point
He 34 x34
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