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Your wrongIt's LEND-aLol!!!
Great deal @thrneedmachine
Block carts get movedAssholes get same treatment they give outOf course at 260 I get different treatment then I did at 180always be polite smile say thank youAnd offer up goods if they are polite as well
Anne Valerie is haute couture for those wondering about above
Yelp reviews have been so so Great or poor Have they went down hill over time ?
Type "the creep" in YouTubePerfect
If you can pay new priceTrying to hustle $$ out of fine goods like thatIs equivalent to you trying to hustle $5-$10 off used gapNot worth your time
   was walking up Broadway in NYC. saw this nice white jacket on some dude.wow nice jacket.nice design but you can tell its fast fashion.  then walked a few blocks.. wow nice same jacket.  then a few more blocks... same jacket.  Zara and H&M bringing good looks to the massesuntil you needed to wash it.  unless you are a VERY slim dude, Zara  is a no go
That s a deal for buyer
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