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Is this the tommy we need?
NiceAny particular weight plan or just less stress ?
Wes dipping in his own supply? What has the world come to!
Feeling dry in these parts man
Makes sense6 in drop
ThisWhat's this?Wow looks and feels niceIs it..Kiton?NookBrioni?NoI won't haven't done that soLooks AmericanGolden Fleece for sure or 1818 lowestOpen jacketAh tom JamesWonderfulPuts back
That brioni is sweet @colorlow Weird drop listed at 40r in pics but sold as 46r Whatever size nwt amazing deal
Keep?You should!That black face is dope
Shipping it home 2nd hand market Much African clothing is resale of second hand It killed their local industry Can't compete Also You can't get the same quality Everything is black manniqun equivalent garbage if new no good So i2nd hand much better quality
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