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Trust me, you will not regret it.
Hey, why not sell to Europe? I tried to bid but was denied since I live in Europe/Sweden.
Hey Steve, do you know when these two GMTO:s Will arrive? I cant wait to recieve them!
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but isnt it possible to order a pair in the K- last with wide fitting?
^ what he Said. After seeing those lovely shoes I had Said to my self that I need an exact pair like that.
So, what you really are telling me is that you have several pair of shoes in size 11.5 that you need to get rid of .  I am interested in this. When are you closing the MTO and how does it work with Bonafe MTO:s, is it 25 or 50% up front? Also, do you have a Bonafe with this last in store in 11 or 11.5?
Leaves: The suede chukkas look awesome, but why dont you have Them in bigger size Than 10.5UK?
Does anybody know how the randa last is in sizeing?
Damn, 11.5 is already sold out! Any plans on a restock?
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