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Steve: Any estimated time for the Chelseas in vegano brown? Maybe in november/december?
I would be interested in this.
Now we talk about 3 different MTo:s. If we should be able to land any of these with at least 6 interested we need to see what People are really interested in. 1. Single/double Monk in some kind of Brown calf. 2. Single/double Monk in green calf 3. Single /double Monk in loden suede. I am interested in number 1 and 2. .
Green is good. I might be in on that instead of Brown.
Yeah, we can forget about Shell for now. I can do a single monk. Wich color do you guys suggest?
I vote for double Monk in Brown museum calf. Sole and buckle doesnt matter for me.
I would prefer a double Monk but could be interested in a single if thats what the majority wants.
I would be interested in this as well.
Every time I see these babies I tell myself I really need a exact pair like that. Pure class Roger!
Yes it is rain, but this photo is on a pair in the color vegano burgundy calf.
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