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Sorry, I meant I am in on a rerun of the Chelsea in vegano. Sometimes for some reson I confuse Chelsea & Chukka....
Lets do a rerun of this GMTO then. Im in.
@Diglet Yes I would prefer Black but might be interested in Brown. Sole is irrelevant but I do prefer Rain or Oscar when it comes to last. I could also go for a double Monk in lizzard like the pair a few pages back.
Ok! Im fine with both leather and Dainite.
I am in on a Black lizzard Chelsea boot on Rain last through GF. I have suggested this before but the interest was low.
So, now when you see how great these look, is anybody up for another gmto? I would prefer Dainite sole but am flexible.
Sorry but I am out of this one.
Agree with this.
Also interested in the jodphur if you got for Dainite sole.
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