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just got 33% off the pair of CP boots i wanted from Ssense!    back to sleep
Check out shopstyle. All my shopping revolves around that feature.
Just spend 5 minutes looking 😡
thanks!  i'll hit the bed then.
anyone know when ssense usually goes live? should i stay up until 3est?:( 
i live in canada and those prices are still jacked up compared to ssense and other retailers. at least on the CPs i checked.   Nomad has a buy before Friday and get 40% of the purchase on a gift card. looks like prices are jacked up a bit though.
jeez can't believe I forgot. sorry. 8.5D
I love these sneakers but I rarely wear them so selling to fund other purchases. Worn about 10 times. They're in perfect condition. The shoe laces are dirty so i'm throwing in a pair of laces to swap in.    The box is included but has some water damage on the top
Have worn these about 15 times. Never wear dress shoes anymore so getting rid of some older pairs i have. They have some character (read: denim stains)  
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