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what did they have last year? probably best to check headfi, i'm sure they have a good black friday thread on there
 you can hide in Grailed, right under the picI just sent them an email and asked them and they said they don't have any fees. They make their money off the Direct selling page.   banning them seems a bit drastic, unless they're still DMing members. They have some solid stuff on there and usually when I sell, items get as much attention on there as SF. 
Selling a pair of beautiful Alden Cigar Cordovan long wings in 9D. I bought these from Alden of Carmel a year ago, but rarely wear them anymore (started wearing sneakers more often). I've probably worn them about 20 times, and they're in great shape.    Will include shipping and includes original box and shoe bags.
Bought these boots from a forum member a year or so ago but never wear them because my size is off a bit. The construction and detail and quality of these boots are awesome.    They're originally about $360 from Shoe Healer in the UK: http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/alfred-sargent/exclusive-collection/alfred-sargent-montague-black-calf-detail   I bought them for $300 and am selling for $250. I'll throw in shipping. 
Bought these but have barely worn them (see the pic of the bottom). It's a Leather Soul x Tricker's make up and is a really awesome pair of boots. I just don't wear them often enough.    They were $550 originally. Selling them for $400 with shipping included   http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/05/07/trickers-stow-in-grey-lsw-lsbh/
Selling an awesome condition Vanguard boot from Alden x Leather Soul. I bought this off another forum member in December 2013, and wore it about 4 times since. It was my first pair of Aldens and my size was way off. They could use a polish, but great condition and barely worn.    http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/12/12/alden-shoes-the-vanguard-boot-lsw-lsbh/   Box and shoe bag included   $400 OBO (shipping included)
try again with another store. i did this before without a problem, albeit it was a couple years ago.
Hi - Selling a pair of low Achilles sneakers in black. Bought these and realized they're a couple sizes too small - I have wide feet, so I should probably try shoes on first.    These aren't worn, just put my foot inside one of them. Come with box, and travel bag. 
Hey All - selling a pair of Burgundy low achilles Common Projects. bought them online, but they're a couple sizes too small and based in Montreal so it's a pain for me to send back. Thought I'd see if anyone here would be interested before i return them.   Haven't even tried these on. Comes with box and travel bag and all. 
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