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I'm glad I got my 2 pairs when I did.
Good luch getting a job after that (or any) facial tattoo.
In dress foorwear I have 5 boots & 3 shoes. 6 boots if you count my beat up 405s.
All this forum has is dress wear & street wear & denim.  How about a footwear forum?  A watch forum?   Thanx!!! Charlie
I want a bigger version of this.
If the world doesn't end today, what will the History Channel air tomorrow?
I have a pair of 405 Aldens that are in need of a dye job.  I want to make them a darker shade of brown.  However I also want to keep the white toe stitching.  What do you think of getting some Fiebrings leather dye & putting it on with a small brush such as the kind that is used on scale models?   I also really like the Daltons buy wish they came in black.  What do you think of having them dyed?   Thanx!!! Charlie
alcohol on a Q tip applied carefully?
Its called a sleeve garter.
Somewhere in this thread someone posted a pic of some boots.  They look like the Fifth Streets minus the medalion on the toe.  I know that they aren't the Bayfield because they have a leather sole.   Could someone please help me?   Thanx!!! Charlie
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