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Shopping malls.  I received a $50 Sears gift card for Christmas & I went to redeem it today.  Didn't see anything that I liked at Sears so I went to the rest of the mall.  Between the loud muzak coming from Hollister & the reeky "smell good" stuff coming from A & F, the only thing that I got was a headache.  Either that or one of the guys working at a kiosk that sprayed something on me that smelled like BO & it took everything that I had not to break his nose.  I came...
  This is the first thing that I always check for.
  I'm a gentleman.  I paid for everything in so much as I laid a $50 on the table & told her to call her husband for a ride home.   It's getting to the point that I about just about ready to give up on getting a girlfriend or getting married.  I was about less than a month away from moving out of my parents house, and I lost my job.  26 months of unemployment & I got a part time, minimum wage job.  After four months of that I got a $14 full time job with a temp agency.  I...
  Yes.  And when I explained that she shouldn't be going on dates with guys she just met four hours before, she looked at me like I suddenly sprouted three heads.
Women.   I went on a date last night with a woman that i met.  I took her to a steakhouse & we were going to walk down the main drag of town.  Mid way through what was a wonderful evening she tells me that I should really meet here husband because we would get along really well.  Wat?
  My black Fifth Streets & both Daltons don't have that tag.
  I have the Fifth Streets in both brown & black.  I like them both.  They have more toe room than any of my other AE shoes or boots.  My only regret is that I should of gotten the black pair first.
Where could I get some red dress socks?
I still say we could use some more sub forums. Outerwear, footwear, watches & such.
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