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32.1 C = 89.78 F
I'm already a member there.  I go by Bruce Wayne.  Alas, that name was taken here.
The fact that I can see the ISS from my yard makes me happy!
I have quite a collection of fedoras.  I recently received a black derby that I had ordered.   What is everyone else's thoughts on this?   Thanx!!! Charlie 
You are the main character in the last movie that you watched.  How screwed are you?   I'll be fine.  I'm Indiana Jones!
          Considering that she is older than my Mom I think that I'm going to have to pass.  I will probally give her a ten or twenty next time that I see her.  After all I just wasted $50 last week.
What do you gentlemen think of Acid cigars by Drew Estate? Thanx!!! Charlie
My mail carrier made me happy today. I ordered a replacement pocket knife. I went out to get the mail & the package wasn't there. I went out to my truck about ten minutes later to go get some milk & I noticed that the flag on the mailbox was up. She was kind enough to come back & deliver my package. I was afraid that I was going to have to wait until Wednesday to get it. Bless her heart!
I hope you kept their bicycles.
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