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Earlier today I unloaded six friends. I realized that with two of them I had blocked so many of their posts that I hadn't seen any of them in about two weeks. Two others (girls) post so much garbage such as yolo or the one girl who is white using the N word that it was clogging up my news feed. The other two I don't even know why I freinded in the first place. Thanx!!! Charlie
I'm 29 & I always talk to kids. I'm just being nice.
Tab someone with a pencil, does that classify it as an assault weapon?
I have a job interview on Saturday. It's not much. Just working at a shoe repair shop. But its better than being unemployed.
I'd rather have black calf or merlot.
Does anyone know how how to mark forums read from a mobile device? Thanx!!! Charlie
I am a simple man.  All I need from skivvies is for them to fit comfortably & not bunch up.  That being said, I purchased some of Duluth Trading Companies Buck Naked Boxer Briefs.   http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/mens-underwear/76015.aspx   Let me tell you, after years of having to deal with underwear that would bunch up, ride up & just plain feel uncomfortable, I wish I had bought these sooner than I did.  Now all I need is some...
New Posts  All Forums: