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I've got one for sale on the classifieds.
Posting snafu using my phone. This is really helpful. Thanks a lot.
This is helpful. Thanks.
It's from the Armoury website.  They called it "brown calfskin"  - perhaps it is the same.   Would you mind PM'ing a pic of yours so I can see the color?   If it in reality is as dark as the Ellison, I might go with that bc I prefer that last as the toebox on the Rain is a bit wide for my liking.  
Which do you all prefer?   The Ellison on Rain Last (top) or the Brown Captoe on Simpson (bottom)?   I prefer Simpson lasts, but I like the darker brown color of the Ellison (I am not a fan of wearing brown or tan shoes with Navy, but I will do so with dark brown shoes).    
Purchased this last month off the forum from another member.   As with a bunch of other navy jackets I am selling and have sold, this one is going as part of a closet cull.   100% Wool, cotton-half lined (see pics).      Usual SuitSupply attributes -- double vented, working cuffs.  Nice Washington fit.  Gets a lot of compliments.     Shoulders: 17" Chest: 19" Length (from BOC): 29" Sleeves: 24"   Looking for $175 shipped within the U.S.   Add $30 for...
I purchased this suit from SuitSupply last month.  I wore it once and then bought another suit (Sartoria Partenopea) in a similar color, so as much as I'd like to keep it, it won't get much use.      Sienna model - my favorite SuitSupply cut.  Size 36.   Additional pics included.     http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/sienna-grey-plain/P3664I.html?start=11&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Sienna   I paid $639.   Looking to get $450   +$30 shipping...
For sale is an Armani White Label cotton/wool/rayon summer suit in a light tan/beige in good condition.     Tagged 38R - it fits like a 36R although there is room to let out in the chest and waist.  Great for summer, casual events.   Shoulders: 17.9" Chest: 18.9" Waist: 16.6" Sleeves: 24.2" BOC length: 28.75   Trousers waist: 30.8" Inseam: 30.5" Width at cuff: 8.2"   A fun $70 purchase -- free shipping in the U.S.  
I purchased this off the forum last year and it's been very well taken care of since then.  I wore it a couple of times last year, and once this year.     It is a beautiful Caruso, made in Italy, Prince of Wales grey half-lined suit, 3 roll 2 1/2, dual vents, with non-functioning buttons.   Some of the pics are from the original ad.     Shoulders: 17 1/4" Chest: 19" (there is room to let this out) Jacket waist: 17.2" (there is room to let this out) Sleeve: 24...
For sale is a NWT LBM 1911 cotton jacket in a brown houndstooth pattern.   A terrific fitting and looking jacket that can be matched with trousers or jeans.  A pity it's short on me so it's looking for a new home.     - Size: 36R/IT46 - 100% Cotton - Patch pockets - working buttons on sleeves - dual back vents   Measurements:   shoulder to shoulder: 17.9" pit to pit: 19.9" sleeves: 24" length at back: 27.5"   $180 shipped within the U.S.   +$30 international.   
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