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Yeah, they do... they were falling off my waist in that picture after bending down to play with the camera repeatedly. Oops.
  Unglazed brown goat A2 came. Fit is pretty much perfect; I could use an extra inch of length in the back but that's just what I'm used to, it probably looks better this way.
 I did a search in this thread and saw lots of recommendations for Lexol on calf, and a few on lamb, but nothing about goat one way or anothing, but if no one thinks Lexol sounds crazy I can just go with that. Thanks.
Got shipping on my unglazed brown goat A2, ordered June 5th.   What's the recommended product for conditioning unglazed goat? I found this:   http://putthison.com/post/62337056716/conditioning-leather-jackets-folks-who-have-read   That makes it seem like Pecard's Fashion Leather Lotion would be the way to go, but just wanted to make sure there isn't something I'm missing.     I'm also aware that I won't need to condition it for quite a while, but figured I'd be...
EDIT: Nevermind.
LL Bean katahdins or mid-brown chukkas, most likely.    It's this shirt: http://www.ratioclothing.com/p-64-breckenridge-flannel.aspx   Thanks.
Could this shirt, with a button-down collar and single pocket, be worn tucked into casual chinos without looking like a cowboy/lumberjack? Thanks.  
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