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Cathpath, you could go peanut Bullhide for that light tan colour?
Lobe what I've seen recently from Julian. Does anyone know how the engineers (or others) fit size-wise and comfort in comparison to the obvious other contenders (White's, Viberg etc...). Thanks.
ThThis is quite simply "the case". Some of the guys in their workshop have a better idea of proportions and finish than others. Shouldn't have to be but always an was fix.
It's about4-5 weeks on average arm. Will try and post some pics over the weekend at some point.
Hi Sault,   I've had made and sold a couple soft cap toe's yes. Haven't had any collapsing, shape changing complaints, plus I've always ensured they were lined. Not keen on hassling customers for pics etc..but I do get a lot of repeat custom so if I do hear back from any I will try for pics and post them up. Must post up pics of some of the random builds I've had done soon also.   Cheers.
That's Black Cherry above, it's smoother and darker the F.Calf.
Hello,   Viberg x Iron Heart "Wild One's Engineers" - Size 9, Black - £430 Including shipping in Europe (small extra fee for shipping further a field - pm me). Only worn out for a day and tried on a few times in the house but have decided they are too big and quite possibly not my style, just really wanted them as they look super cool! The only modification I have made is a couple of extra holes in the ankle strap to tighten them as shown below. Payment through paypal...
The bump before the bay..
Hello,   I bought this jacket from a member on the IH forum knowing that it was probably a bit on the small side, especially as I've packed out a wee bit of recent and it is just that bit too small on me on the shoulders and across the back. I really do wish it did fit as it would have been a complete bargain for such a beauty. I've handled a lot of leather jackets in my time and this is genuinely one of the nicest leathers I have come across, and it's not even broken in...
Don't say his name 3 times, we've all seen beetlejuice.
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