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Hamilton Clyde's , 32 waist but taken in a bit. Love them.
Hi Nateners, British Tan is very hard wearing, it just wears differently to dress and oil tan, shows its age a bit quicker dependent on care but a tough leather! Toe cap will only come/ look smaller on the c461 last as it has a smaller toe box.
I've started experimenting, thanks.
Bugger, was hoping for a bit, thanks for the response though, great trews.
Hi all, could I expect any shrinkage you think in the canvas clyde's for those in the know? Much appreciated.
The packers look great, brown smooth/ oil tan ages great in a tough as teflon nuts way.
Hi all, how did you/ would you size on the canvas clyde's for a good fit, not tight nor too loose? I'm pretty much a 32 across a mix of brands give or take. Much appreciated.
^ just to add, the arch on the classic work boot (c461) is a lot flatter than the others, not as noticeable from experience.
Cathpath, you could go peanut Bullhide for that light tan colour?
Lobe what I've seen recently from Julian. Does anyone know how the engineers (or others) fit size-wise and comfort in comparison to the obvious other contenders (White's, Viberg etc...). Thanks.
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