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It's maybe a tad darker, light dependent of course but lightens up in stress and wear areas pretty quick if worn regularly @fasthall
What are you doing man, these aren't really meant for work! Jeeze! Good to see and read.
I concur with Linafelt, for stability and a good foot plant when lifting etc.. The lowered block has obvious advantages. Some say walking is not as comfortable as with the woodsman/ logger heel which to begin with I'd agree but when the sole breaks in I've never had any problems and wear mine for hikes and all sorts.
Thanks for the review @ShootThePier , I've always admired Julian but the finish has come under fire here and there. Great lookers. Enjoy.
Handsome boots! How is the finish, stitching and trim etc?
They're not mine, custom order but yes huge height and well spotted on the leathers. I think they worked though... In a rugged glam rock way. Marc Bolan on steroids-esque.
Somebody say Honey Lug?
To me they fit very similar to the Barrie last with a bit more toe room.
Hmm, different boot altogether! Sizing is very similar, although it feels like Truman come up maybe a half size smaller. Due to the arch and amount of leather around the instep and heels in White's they feel a lot more snug if that makes sense. I'm a 8 in White's, D or E and I could comfortable go with a snug 8 in Truman or 8.5 comfortably.The foot print on Trumans will look smaller though for sure!Construction, again, similar but different. They are work boots so are not...
Agree with the above with the caveat that it depends on the suit! A City suit will make it harder to pull off. Saying that though if you've been wearing packers then a semi dress would pass just as well. The Dress leather pattern is smarter looking than the SJ/ FR pattern and if it's close trimmed with a soft toe...
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