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Don't say his name 3 times, we've all seen beetlejuice.
It all depends on how tightly pulled they were when lasted, I've had 2 pairs made in the exact same options and they have fit quite differently including the height and shape of the toe.
Hi all, been a while, some new styles in, lets see what captain Louie has to say about block heels
You can get a different tongue colour to the rest of the boot Bingham, good look as well!
Hard to say as they both look different in the top 2 pics. The only other last they could have been made on is the c461 which has a pointier to but you'd also see a difference in shape throughout. I'd check with White's but I'm pretty sure it will be down to how they were lasted not the last itself. I've spotted these differences a fair bit on repeat stock orders, particularly with the thinner leathers and soft toe's. Good luck.
^ unless they are 2 different widths it is most likely the black were pulled tighter to the last when hand lasted. They look like they are both SD lasts from above (side shot would confirm). The toe cap always makes them look overly bulbous with a thicker leather anyway Imo. To the trained eye no 2 pairs of the same build often look exactly the same. Different bootmakers in the workshop and different leathers = varying results. Construction and comfort always top notch...
You shouldn't have to at all which I do highlight to white's but any cobbler/ shoe smith can have that trimmed back and even slightly re-shaped and re-coloured in under 10 minutes and I'm sure for under $15 over there.
In other news, check out these custom boots made up for a customer, not to everyone's tastes but he was very happy!  
Hi Gregornz,   Take a look below at the samples next to each other in daylight, might help:          
Why not Horsehide again out of interest?
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