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The bullhide is tough and won't show scuffs etc as much, it comes lined and with a celastic toe will hold up very well. The 430 sole would also be a good choice, quite thick but looks slim from the side, has some bounce due to the lugs so doesn't feel hard underfoot. The lugs will wear down over time but for your purposes I would say ideal. If sized right and when broken in the arch ease/ leather shank will give you the support you need for a long day on your feet. I am...
^ they like it in either, cm's is good though for detail.
Now that is a funny story! Funnier as I can imagine the larger % of boot-loving forum goers having the exact same response. Although you have f&&eked up now by ruining the first sample of leopard print work boots
I've just ordered my first pair for someone so will know soon but was told by White's to size up a half size due to lack of arch in the northwest last.
Once a bootsmen always a bootsmen
I've generally had the same and customers with the same initial issue, stick with it, as said previously that will go away and mold to your foot, it's all leather so will shape with the weight and heat applied. Be strong!
Hats off Mr Ewing and the collaborators, very tasty. Good to see your staying on your boots game
Aah Mr Ewing, you have good taste!!
There are areas of reinforcement inside White's which make them look lined from above but the only leathers that will come lined in the toe area automatically are the "exotic" leathers or particularly thin one's. If you go non celastic in a dress leather that will also come lined afaik, but any of the above mentioned leathers that I've ordered without celastic toe's I've always asked for lined anyhoo. Toe pokes not a thing of beauty.
Thanks for the responses, they did send me pics but not great angles so hard tell. Coming from mostly wearing US work styled boots the 335 when tried felt like a ballet shoe, like a chunkier look with jeans etc... Thanks though. Will post if I get them made.
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