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Why not Horsehide again out of interest?
They are v cool. I don't know how Otter ages (but I bet nicely) but otter has more of a matt, slightly textured/ grained look to it and stiffer/ slightly brittle feeling, I imagine with a wax, bloody lovely. Similar thickness.
Hi all, protection or no extra protection the "shelf" varies from boot yo boot, definitely depends on who finished them at White's. A good cobbler can have them trimmed in and edges re-coloured in under ten minutes as I often do with boots, Viberg included. They are work boots but as most on here aren't buying them for that reason alone it's right that they should look right. Simple fix and I'm sure if Bakers don't offer up the fix then for 10 dollars or less wherever you...
It's really not confusing, there is only one SJ last, ltt or plain toe. The SD last or 55 can be used which to most of you becomes the bakers named bounty hunter or a Semi Smoke Jumper
Ricky, I've got the fear for you. I already feel for you, what a cock up and yes White's QC is being and does need highlighting and improvement. The fear is that I think you might get back mismatched heel sizes and shapes etc... If you don't send in your other boot. White's are a work boot company without mass produced moulds etc... You can already see quite a big difference in your boots (outsole aside) shape and I fear that unless you send the other boot in with it to...
Ah the heel the heel. Had both, have had a second pair in the lowered block, I don't get vertigo, horizontogo or I'm about to fall backward-igo. Unless you are on your feet (real) working all day, and even then I doubt the difference would be mahoosive, the block heel is still more comfortable, lowered as well, than any other boot I have worn. Otto White was a fantastic bootmaker, not a scientist, he found a height that seemed to work well with the arch, the arch flattens...
Hi lina^, I own and have owned the standard and 1/4 lowered heeled boots and i much prefer the feel of the lowered, the Arch is still balanced right, it doesn't feel as you are tipping back and strange I'm sure but i like the stability of my feet feeling closer to the floor, plus asthetically it wins for me, just, as long as it's been trimmed in close enough around the heel, depends who's trimming at the workshop! An easy fix though. Double leather and vibram sole on a...
Hi B, looks quite an extreme looking version but yerp, does look like a wide toe'd packer. Swap out the commando sole and the harvest RO is v nice.
Inclined to agree with hollows, Boogie Nights Might give you a hint of what they may look like, double leather sole without the added vibram looks fine though or the choices you are looking at with the standard edge.
Hi Ben and co, thinner leathers will come lined in the vamp, and nearly all thinner leathers are the more expensive ones so you are paying for lining at the same time. Thicker leathers do not cone lined in the vamp unless you ask for it. Put your hand inside an unlined CXL and you should feel it. Early Happy New Year to all. Was thinking I might try and ween myself off of expensive boots this coming year....we all know how that will turn out!
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