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I have a black suiting wool MA-1 size 48 with 50 length that I'm looking to sell if anyone is interested.  
I have a brand new black suiting wool MA-1 in a 48.  Would like to trade it for the same jacket in a 50.
Are you expecting to ship the late Summer shirts and the animal prints at the same time?  Excited about the flannels, they all look fantastic, especially those red dots.  
Any idea on the timeline for the Summer shirts?  Can't wait to get mine.
I'm looking for a few Gitman Vintage oxfords in medium in a variety of colors.  I'm not looking for the shaggy oxford, however.  I'm also interested in the seasonal prints: especially the floral short sleeve and GBV x Hillside multi-colored polka dot.  PM me if you think you might have what I'm looking for.  Thanks.
I had the same issue in the last set of e-mails and want to be sure not to miss the next toteholder emails.  No rush as well, obviously.  I know you're probably crazy busy right now.
Yea, I'm a toteholder and I checked my spam.  Haven't gotten it.  I sent mauro an email earlier today but figured I'd try on here since he's out of town.  I just bought into toteholder last month, haven't gotten my physical tote sent yet but i do have my toteholder code and everything.
I didn't get my tote e-mail. I understand Mauro is out of town, so I'm wondering if anyone else can help me out. Thanks
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