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do you have more bedale deadstock with top pockets?
I think you could size down to 40 since you are not going to wear a lot underneath. Give us an update when you receive the jacket. I'm 6'1, 180, bedale size 40
does anyone have any idea i could find barbour bedale/beaufort NOS (new old stock/deadstock) jackets? I'm looking for the waxed jackets made just prior to the current version. Thanks
i'm not sure if this helps. but looking at pictures of the ebay seller and judging by what Barbour does with bedale and beaufort, the linning of the jacket seems to suggest it is a rustic jacket rather than an olive one ( since the linning of a rustic bedale and beaufort is the identical with the picture, and oliver bedales have different linning), not sure if they do the same with tokito line tho, so might be wrong
i've just got my new barbour, apart from wearing it under the rain, any way you guys would recommend to speed the breaking-in? ie, placing it under the sun for a good few hours etc
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