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Kyle recommended skipping the eyelet rot me when I was having trouble...it did work.
Maybe this is why I like CXL lol...its just softer!
i ended up not doing that fold, and just allowing the tongue to fold back naturally...what i did was go very easy over the first hook and not pull to tight, that alleviated the bite i was having. 
I thought about doing this too, but haven't had any bite since the initial break in, so I forgot about it. I'm a cobbler would be able to do it, no problem.
Totally agree with the CXL, Brown vs. Natural...having owned both the Natural is just much more interesting. Looks different to me from week to week.
Dude, welcome back, and SICK pictures! I've done the knife edge up AND down and it def is great hike. Baxter is a must do for the north east :) Great boost as well!
Maybe its awesome to people who don't own boots with leather other than CXL?    I don't...and I love it...for what it is.
 Again, and i'm not advocating CXL one way or the other, but I LIKE that it shows scuffing because as the boots wear and they are treated from time to time, the leather scuffs blend in with the boot and u never knew it was there. Most of my big scuffs I can rub out with my finger and some light brushing. I think CXL is fine for a "light-moderate" work boot environment, but ymmv. And I work and wear them 5 days a week for 4-6 hours a day. I think CXL gets a bad rap for this...
Might be the 461 last
How can you tell when someone gets banned?
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