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it is most definitely a 310 last
YAY! He's gone...     Sorry, carry on everyone :)
Those look great!!!
Amen James, but don't hold your breath, people like him won't listen or understand anything you have to say, thats why they are the way they are.  Just hoping, like everyone else in this thread that he gets banned at some point for saying something stupid. I'm actually stunned it hasn't happened yet with all the complaints.
Congrats Patrick!!!
I'd try some Bick 4 and a good horse hair brushing.
^^Yup, my 310's are D width.
Can anyone who has the Viberg Hiker talk about sizing differences with the other lines Viberg offers. When I bought my MTO Service boots in the 310 last, I went with my US sizing which is a 7, or 7.5UK. I realized I could have went down a 1/2 size definitely, but not sure about a full size down. My question is do the Hikers roughly fit the same or should I go up or down 1/2 size?   Thanks :)
The uppers WILL break in. During the break-in process, things you can do:   Not over tighten them, especially right around the the point of rub/hot spot Skip an Eye lit or hook     Mix and repeat. My left boot had a hot spot...like budda now :)
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