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Yes...Whites had me at an 8D...Bakers (Kyle) got me, correctly I might add at a 7D.
Kyle is Awesome! And whereas that shouldn't have happened to you, their remedy is exactly how you want a company like Whites/Bakers to react.
Wow...nice boots! But yeah all those little things adds up to sending them back, especially the height difference. It seems we've all had some quality control issues with our recent pairs (My pull loop fix I did just let go, so that loop is 1/4 torn like it was when they were new in box) so its a little concerning. Some seem to be worse than others like for me, the pull loop is something i'll bring to a local cobbler if it ever does tear completely but since the rest of...
According to Kyle @ Bakers, with regards to sizing Wesco & White's...he told me to stick to the same size, at least in the C461 Last. ymmv
Nice! Ashland makes good stuff!
This was the only flaw in the last pair I received...slight ripping, but mine was out of the box this way...just the right boot, left one was fine... used some crazy glue...solved the problem, and you can't see where I applied it. has held up for 2 months...so far so good. If its really bad, i'd try a local cobbler before going all the way back to Bakers.
I'd buy RedWing Heritage or Wolverine 1000 mile boots before OSB...there has been some quality control issues...but even if that wasn't the case. OSB's are as much as a pair of White's and with wait times being down...White's all day long bro.
LEATHER...all the way :)
Thanks bro
I'm fairly sure (although not 100%) that the quality AND the thickness of CXL used in Wolverine's and OSB is lesser than with Viberg and White's. And in between my White's and Viberg's, The Viberg's CXL feels more thick and substantial than on my White's, by a small margin.   My first pair of "good" boots were Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in CXL and comparing them to my White's or Viberg's in terms of quality, leather thickness, color richness...well lets just say, its not...
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