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I emailed Kyle @ Bakers yesterday about something else and mentioned the sale, he relayed to me that White's and Lacrosse have assured Bakers that nothing will change and that the sale was more related to the owner of White's being older and wanting to retire. 
Looks nice bro, congrats!
I thought the 461 had a slightly roomier toe box as well as being upturned.
 Not sure if this going to be a good thing or a bad thing...ugh. Glad I got my boots made before the sale of the company, even if it doesn't change a thing in how they were made. I dunno...
I got my shipping notice for my last pair of Whites 18 days after placing the order...not sure whats going on, but they are moving quicker.
A bunch of posts have already been flagged, so the mods are watching the thread, but I fear its not enough. It would be great if they can ban him, but like Patrick said, one person is enough to wreck a good, informative thread.
Jeez... Deleted, except to sayWhite's charged me 250 plus tax for a "full"rebuild.
Just checked out some of Brian's resole jobs...WOW, Very nice work!
Everything Andy said is right on! The thing with the CWB last or the C461 last to be exact is according to Kyle, it is the most roomy toe box of all the lasts Whites has, and that the toe is slightly more upturned, which is something that is appealing to me.
I agree with this, but i'm guilty of flagging one. It's why I lurk way more than I post, especially lately.
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