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I love the slightly upturned toe of the 461 last...thats why I got them on my CWB's...looks great :)
Interesting, thanks. I did not know that. Hmm, I wonder if they could add a leather liner? Probably not.
You can have a boot rebuilt to a smaller width size? I did not know that...Can they do a shorter length, say 8D to a 7.5D?
My Service boots :)  
My White's took 12 weeks. I was told 5. Your gonna wear em for life, i can wait the extra few weeks.
I have both boots...Viberg Service boots in the 310 last and a pair of White's CWB's in the 461 Last. The Viberg 310, has a more up turned toe than the 461 and a wider toe box. The Heels are wider in the Vibergs as well. I feel more secure with the heel in my White's but they are also two entirely different boots so it's hard to compare. As far as quality goes, BOTH are top notch. The leather for each (Ice Moch CXL for the Viberg & Brown CXL for the White's) were perfect,...
  Sure:   1950's Service Boot Ice Mocha CXL Dress Toe-Cap Red liner Vibram 430 mini lug sole Up Turned Toe Box - 310 last Brass Eyelets
    Thanks bro :)
Thanks bro :)
What up homie!
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