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Beautiful brother :)
Check out a company called Starlingear    They have a few on line dealers, but a big one is Monkey Edge    Your gonna pay, but the quality (Like our expensive boots) is off the charts.
Brown CXL...these were mine and gifted to my best friend after a rebuild from Bakers had some cosmetic stitching issues. I have a newer pair of Natty CXL CWB's that I got to replace these. Basically same, boot, just different CXL. He works for Con Edison here in NYC and this represents 6 months of wear with just 1 coat of LP and brushing every day.
LMAO, this is SO true!
They aren't...my post wasn't in response to the guy who posted before me. I didn't see it before I posted lol. Mine are single celastic 
For me personally, the creasing adds character to the boot and comes and goes with maintenance.
Totally agree with Patrick even though there are detractors of Viberg. I own Both Whites and Viberg and while they both serve different purposes they are both stunning. Viberg however is a good deal more expensive and they do not do Made To Order (MTO) anymore.   In my experience with my two pairs of White's and my pair of Viberg's...the build quality is a bit better/cleaner with the Viberg's. My White's are more comfortable.   Those Service Boots are gorgeous Patrick!
Thanks bro, I just found a pic confirming the Comp Half sole is what i'm after. Can't wait to order these at the end of the year.   SD - Standard Last Toe Vamp - Black Horse Hide Upper - Brown Horse Hide Back Stay and Pull Loops - Black Horse Hide Standard Trim Standard Heel and Height Comp Half Sole Red Liner Antique eyes and hooks Brown edge     Going for a more dressy look since I will be wearing these for work a lot come Feb/March
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