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Patrick, Id vote for the treated look, but I'm in the minority :)
I have two pairs of White's and one pair of boots from Viberg. My White's were 500$, and the Vibergs were 700$    Iniitally, it was the styling of the service boot that drew me to Viberg, but I had already owned a pair of Whites so I assumed the quality would be the same or better.   I was right. The quality was the about the same. I thought the Viberg stitching was just a bit cleaner but there was an over lap piece of leather on the inside part of the liner, I get...
I follow 2 threads only on SF, and this is now twice on both of them...Thank God, back to our regularly scheduled program.
No loose stitching on my Vibergs Louie...please try again.       And welcome back, we missed u 
Need some love for the 310! :)
I think he migrated to the Viberg thread.
Louie's back 
Beautiful brother :)
Check out a company called Starlingear    They have a few on line dealers, but a big one is Monkey Edge    Your gonna pay, but the quality (Like our expensive boots) is off the charts.
Brown CXL...these were mine and gifted to my best friend after a rebuild from Bakers had some cosmetic stitching issues. I have a newer pair of Natty CXL CWB's that I got to replace these. Basically same, boot, just different CXL. He works for Con Edison here in NYC and this represents 6 months of wear with just 1 coat of LP and brushing every day.
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