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Can anyone confirm if the heel on the SD  last is more shallow then on the Classic last? Meaning i've never had heel lift on any other pair of White's but they were all Classic lasts.   It feels that way.
Guys, i'm looking at the Boondocker that Viberg has up on their website. I'm a 7 in Whites Classic Work Boots and they are lined. Should I stick with that for the 2045 last or go down another half size?   Thanks. Vin
Dude, badass!
If you have a FB account, do a search for "Ultrasound" Boots. Lots and lots of leather combos to look at. His pictures should keep you busy for a while.
Never actually measured on a brannock. My first pair of high end boots were Whites and my tracings were sent directly to them. Besides the external measurements they asked what i normally wore in other shoes, IE: sneakers which has always been an 8 to 8-1/2 and dress shoes which has always been a 7.5-8. Based on that they gave me an 8D in both boots. (CXL Classic Work Boot) After 2 years the boots stretched to the point of not being comfortable.   Before the stretching...
My 310 is comfy, no fatigue standing or walking which surprises me since they are definitely a half size to big, maybe a full size lol.   I wear a heavier sock with them and i'm good. Three years and counting.
If I do Black Dress I'll def do unlined.
Thanks guys, think i'm gonna steer clear of Black Smooth and CXL since I have two pair in hat leather.   Down to Black Dress or Black Horsehide. Although i'm a bit apprehensive about HH as the creasing issues I've seen i'm not to much of a fan of in a slightly dressier boot. CXL creases to some extent but it seems to look better in brown then when it happens in black. I'm not gonna do a full two tone boot but will get the back stay in brown and the rest of the boot in...
Thanks guys!     Next question: Black Smooth Black Dress Black CXL   I know CXL is less shiny than Black Dress but how does the Smooth and Dress compare in terms of shiny? I actually like a less shiny if that helps.   I've heard Dress can look "plasticy" ?
So two different kinds of black leather huh? Interesting.   I love those SD's bro. So very nice!     PS: Anyone know if the SD last is more roomy, less roomy than the C461 Last? I've only ever had experience with the 461 and was curious if I should stick to what i know or try something different. I'm very tempted to do the Swing Last but my Viberg Service Boots already have that kind of look.
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