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Lina, Leather laces for your boots, definitely. Sorry, was away for a few days. I come back and its almost back to normal around here...I wonder why?    Maybe it will stay that way.
I guess i'm in the sacrilege category but have never used trees in my boots, but the 310 last definitely doesn't needed it. I can't see you getting them in there and they would probably push the leather in a way I wouldn't like. The service boots are wide to begin with and the 310 last even more so, so there is plenty of space in the toe area and  the boots are very comfy overall.   The service boots in the 310 is the initial attraction I had to Viberg, after I bought my...
Yeah mine are leather lined as well. Kyle recommended it with the CXL leather.
I have both the 310 last by Viberg and the C461 by White's... both are upturned but Vibergs are more pronounced. You might be able to get the 461 there by dropping the heel 1/4.
 Yeah, it lasted about two weeks, just on inside part of the right ankle. After many different ideas and and an email to Kyle I figured out how to tie them properly lol. My old boots were all eyes and no hooks, turns out I was just over pulling on the first set of hooks and pulling it over my ankle bone causing the bite. What I do now is sinch the first set of eyes snug and then just pull over the first set of hooks lightly, and then continue lacing the rest as normal....
My 310 lasted Service Boots were MTO's when Viberg still did them. My favorite style last from them by a mile. Love the look
Those SJ's are crazy nice!
I emailed Kyle @ Bakers yesterday about something else and mentioned the sale, he relayed to me that White's and Lacrosse have assured Bakers that nothing will change and that the sale was more related to the owner of White's being older and wanting to retire. 
Looks nice bro, congrats!
I thought the 461 had a slightly roomier toe box as well as being upturned.
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