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For the guy who has the arch issue, does it feel like your stepping with the arch of your foot on a "broom handle"?   Thats how mine felt new. Went away after break in. Was really weird at first. Maybe its just the arch ease.   I also had a pinky toe problem on my right front boot that went away after break in as well.
What are my boots doing up there ;)
Good looking boot, but not cheap enough for me to consider it. Might as well get a pair of SD's.
Not popular in NA? Damm, I'm really happy I got mine when I did :)
^^^I've never seen the 310 without it.
Pretty close to what I have :) 
Patrick,   i think we might both be at fault. Without your insight on the 1K boots and you showing me the upscale stuff...well, i'd still be rocking the 1k's ;)   The Arch support in the White's is great. It took some getting used to when breaking them in, but i can go 12+ hours in my White's with no trouble at all. My foot starts to fatigue in my Vibergs roughly, after the 8 hour mark. That could be due to the fact that my Vibergs are a 1/2 size to big for me. Even...
Its what drew me to Viberg. I love my White's but when they briefly opened made to order on the website, i JUMPED at it ;)
Anyone have an intel as to when a restock of the Hikers might happen?
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