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What type of shoes and in what colour would you pair with sky blue chinos?
Hi all, I am in the market for some new dress shoes. Preferably I will like a oxford cap-toe in non-polished black (calf?) leather. I managed to try out the Church's Dubai at a local shop and UK Size 6 was a perfect fit! However, the cost of the shoes, even if I order online from Herring Shoes, is a little over my budget. What other choices do I have (assuming I order online and have them shipped to Singapore) and in what size that will fit as well as the Dubai made...
 Check out or it helps.
I'm not an expert, but I've taken even flights to have noticed this (or similar?) for sale at airports and on planes themselves on several occasions.If I remember correctly it goes for about USD 300 brand new.
.I checked out the cost of a resole locally and it is also as much as what I paid when I got the shoes.What happens if I just keep wearing them?In the meantime I will get a new (and better) pair...
Thank you for the suggestion.I think the sole is damaged though.And I don't know any good cobblers in my city unfortunately. I think they would probably just slap on a rubber sole for me if I approached them.
What can I do about these shoes? I've worn them for some time and really like them. What can I do to take better care of them and make them last longer? Thanks in advance for all advice and suggestions.
 I searched Dugdale on the site and there 300+ hits! Not too bad for Minnis either. I guess I have a lot more exploring to do...Thanks for the headsup.Now to get home and measure more clothes after I'm done with the day...
 Ouch.Did they mention they can get something done with a fabric I request even if it's not on the site?Trying to join the bandwagon after 300+ pages is a lot of catchup on information to do!
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