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 I searched Dugdale on the site and there 300+ hits! Not too bad for Minnis either. I guess I have a lot more exploring to do...Thanks for the headsup.Now to get home and measure more clothes after I'm done with the day...
 Ouch.Did they mention they can get something done with a fabric I request even if it's not on the site?Trying to join the bandwagon after 300+ pages is a lot of catchup on information to do!
I am very interested due to the pricing and judging from the pics, the finished products look pretty decent. However, I am not too sure about the fabrics used. I thought it was just for the cheaper shirts but even the $600 one is unclear. Others may call me a sucker for labels but it gives me some assurance to know which brand's mill the fabric is from and if possible the series too. I think most people would appreciate some transparency. Nevertheless, I might go ahead...
  I saw your posts on "the other forum". You quoted $400~$500 (SGD?) for a set of suit and a shirt. What fabrics would that be?   Personally, I'm very skeptical (about the fit more than anything).   Anyways, I'll be heading back to my usual tailor for my suit once they are open after the holidays. Albeit the much higher cost.
I use when needed.
  Thanks for the suggestions.   Here is a photo of me in the said "summer" pants with the brown shoes. I realised that they really do go well together... I can imagine a light brown pair of suede loafers with them now that you guys suggested them.    
Office attire for my workplace and my position does not require me to wear suits locally.   However, I will be going to Japan for a month long (probably more) training stint and I assume I will have to wear a suit there everyday.   Presently I only have one set of dark grey suit and my budget is rather limited (after getting several shirts tailored and shoes etc).   Can I just get one more suit jacket to last me for the stay there? Or is it best to get a set...
Thanks. What color shoes would go wear with this color pants that I've got? I really like the fit and color but can't seem to be able to match it with any shoes I have (for now).        
What color pants to go with this pair of Bally Frildor oxfords? Will be very helpful if you an attach a swatch of the color you have in mind.    
How should I make the crease near the break on my pants stay?
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