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my find today: RG x 2, dunhill golf shirt, ben silver linen french cuff
That might be a messy party. Is there any way to I.D. the particular model or edition of a RG shirt? They all seem to have the same CA and RN numbers on the tag. It would be nice to know if any are 'limited edition'
^^Ejay350gt I was mistakenly logged in to a forgotten account. Please delete. Sorry.   My GW find today: Robert Grahams all the same size. 15 in all
some items from a GW stop yesterday: McKennas england wool mezlan woven iguana belt zegna, yamato japan(any good?), Boss(Italy-any good?)
some weekend finds: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Picked this one up from the "99 Cent Only" store [[SPOILER]] Mezlan ostrich [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Cordings tattersall, Borrelli, Zegna.  My first Borrelli and I've never seen so much hand stitching on a shirt, even compared with a Kiton. no name Italy & England squares, Ted Baker, Faconnable, Borrelli cashmere/silk NWT Marmot NWT Lululemon
Congratulations on your new baby. Best wishes and prayers for her and your wife for a speedy recovery and return to full health
Wow, ridiculous thrift store pricing  
some thrift finds from a couple stores: orphan? [[SPOILER]] orphan? [[SPOILER]] jack victor loro piana [[SPOILER]] a selvedge denim made in USA with what seems to be bible verse references [[SPOILER]] paul stuart air max 90 with weird colorway pendleton coach belt, silk square (unknown maker)
Hello all venerable sirs. It is with utmost deference to many a gentleman in this forum thread  whom epitomize paramount sartorial elegance and honorable haberdashery, that I trepidly attempt  a competent thrift outfit. I beseech for edification your criticisms and critiques, constructive or insolent.     [[SPOILER]]
not much for me yesterday at the nearby goodwill ,only found a couple of new with tag items brooks brothers slim Tag says Zegna Baruffa. Is it related to the Ermenegildo Zegna?
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