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What about aging? Do people care about leather that ages, or do you want a wallet that stays looking the same forever?    For example, vegetable tanned leather ages really well, and shell cordovan stays looking the same. 
What do you guys think about imagery, or embossed images in your wallets? 
That looks like great leather. Any info about it? Looks to me like regular aniline leather that has been distressed during tanning? Who makes them? 
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm thinking about going with a tanned colored wallet with Vachetta as the interior.  This is due to the fact that I think these colors will age nicely over time, and create a nice patina.    Does anyone know the difference between tan, saddle tan, and british tan (London)? 
Yes bifold is great. I'm trying to sway away from the brand names, and looking for real artisans who put the most care in crafting a great product, using high quality materials, and not caring so much about the highest profits. 
Also, just want to mention that I currently own an LV Damier Graphite bifold, but want to look into getting something better, maybe cheaper but handmade. 
Trying to decide what wallet to get and to figure out what the style trends are these days...   There are so many to choose from. Minimalist, long wallet, card holders, etc. And all sorts of colors to go with them!    If you were to choose one wallet style, what would it be, and what color would you choose? For example, undyed vegetable tanned (Vachetta), oxblood, distressed dark brown, black, tan, the list goes on!    I'm hoping that this will spark...
Did you make this? Cool!!
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