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Thanks! That helps. What I was finding online was the reference to the $200 threshold which contradicts the original response so just knowing it was recently increased is useful. Much appreciated.
Oh yeah? What do you mean "shouldn't"? Is this discretionary or is it the actual guideline? Personal experience? I've tried searching and there's so much info out there, it's hard to discern what is correct.   Much appreciated.
Anyone have any experience ordering from the UK and shipping to the US? Just curious what kind of customs/duties to expect.   Item is a pair of boots around £600
Awesome Custom Viberg Engineer boots, size 9D   eBay auction
Thanks everyone for your feedback. I don't need them to be too dressy and wouldn't be wearing them with suits or anything like that. I think I got the whole "Semi-dress" idea in my head in that they could be customized enough to be dressy. Sounds like I should be looking elsewhere though.   Much appreciated.
I have a bit of an odd question. I"m looking for some new boots but I don't want them to look too "work boot". More dressy. Black that will take a nice shine. I've been going through the images in this thread and haven't seen anything that is quite what I'm looking for and was wondering if Whites has any builds that can be customized enough for the look I want. I've attached an image of the style of boot I'm seeking. If anyone has photos of boots that have a more dressy...
Looking for a recommendation for boots. I'm looking for a pair of black, somewhat dressy, 7-8" tall lace ups. Willing to spend about $500. Quality is important. Don't want anything that looks too "work boot". Here's a photo of a some RL boots, which are close to what I want. Just think I can get better quality for less. Any suggestions?  
Just curious. Can you custom order Bounty Hunters in Shell Cordovan or was that a limited release?
Thanks. Yeah, they're pretty great. For the most part, they are the basic engineers on I asked them to build it with their Bobcat/151 last instead as I really like how my bobcats fit. They aren't as wide looking and the toe is more like a classic engineer boot. I also asked for the 430 sole instead of the Vibram 100. Hope that helps.
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