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Let me know if you have any grenadine ties for sale!
Hey unfortunately I no longer fit into the small 1MX, these are very colorful shirts... Selling them for 30$ a piece or send me a bulk offer.. 
Hey doing some New Year cleaning and getting rid of the suits and blazers no longer in my rotation   100$ Express Red Blazer: 38 R Photographer cut : Shell 98% cotton 2% Spandex lining... 100% Polyester   120$ Express Grey Blazer 40R 100% polyester   150$ Express White Suit 38R 100% polyester               White Pants 30/30   100$ Express Blue Blazer 38R 100% polyester   140$ Calvin Klein 97% wool 3% polyester    175$ Donald Trump Luxury Separates 100%...
Thank you all for your advice! I ended up going with a French Cuff white shirt/ navy suit/ black belt/ black lowndes/ plain navy tie with a small design + no watch...   Ended up 30 minutes late to the interview lol   offered a more senior role   <3
      So this is my situation, I'm going for a series of interviews in the next couple of weeks. My first interview is for an associate director of an after school program at an elementary school. I feel like this outfit( Navy Suit, Yellow Tie, Yellow matching pocket square, with the shirt and a knit yellow cufflink) looks good and matches my personality. (I will not be wearing the fedora!)  and either my brown or black pair of CJ Lowndes.    Now my problem...
Hey I just got this suit as a gift and it doesn't fit me properly. I have only tried it on once it has never been worn still has the tags and original packaging from suit supply! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions
Hey I'm trying to find out where I can get this suit or something similar. Any ideas? Even help just with the color would be appreciated! 
Hey thanks for your help. Are both the vest and trousers Rick Owens? Do you have any idea where i can purchase them or a website i can find it at ???
I been looking forever for where I can get this vest and pants please help!
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