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Hey I just got this suit as a gift and it doesn't fit me properly. I have only tried it on once it has never been worn still has the tags and original packaging from suit supply! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions
Hey I'm trying to find out where I can get this suit or something similar. Any ideas? Even help just with the color would be appreciated! 
Hey thanks for your help. Are both the vest and trousers Rick Owens? Do you have any idea where i can purchase them or a website i can find it at ???
I been looking forever for where I can get this vest and pants please help!
Or does anyone know where I can get a similar vest and trousers?
I believe the trousers are satin? Any help would be truly appreciated!!!!
      Hey I got 3 pics of the jeans. They aren't the greatest quality but just so you can get an idea. I think they fit well, They stack not that great at the bottom but I think since the length is so long thats why, I definitely will have to get them hemmed right??? I was told to get an original hem? Haven't gotten jeans tailored before so not really sure what to do. Please help :D and let me know if you think they fit well??  
Hey trying to get rid of some old jeans... if you see anything in the picture and you want individual pictures front/back/side etc.. just private message me which one you want to see and ill send you those pics these are the sizes going from left to right of of the pictures:   The picture with 4 jeans: 1 is kenneth cole black 32/30 2 is express blue 32/30 classic fit 3 guess white ish jeans relaxed straight fit 31 4 FCUK grey 32/32   The picture with 8...
Hey I'm selling my Prada Sneakers, they were purchased about a decade ago from Prada in Manhattan I spent over 300$ on them. I've literally won them only a hand full of times and they went direct into storage after. They are in magnificent condition and I can provide other pictures upon request. They are a size 9.
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