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@othertravel Thanks that gives me a good idea... I typically shy away from anything that pricy OTR; there are usually better custom options
@othertravel Thanks so much for the overview. I know in the past the stock list was much closer to what you mentioned was in the front. I may take a look around the preliminary section though I'm sure they go for much more than the quoted prices in the "Membership" pricing
Anyone here been to VASSI? I pass by it every day but never got a sense of the quality or anything. Pricing seems reasonable but who knows!
Absolutely some of the best I've seen!
@SPIER & MACKAY has the best slim fitting shirts I've tried so far. I typically purchased custom made shirts as none of TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt, or Kamaruka's options fit me terribly well (at least given the outlays). Spier & Mackay's fit almost as well as my custom shirts at a fraction of what I paid for them . If you're a slim or athletic build, they are a fantastic option! (They are also a SF member and helpful participant)
Stopped by the Spier & Mackay shop on 20 Toronto Street yesterday. Really nice space with a ton of selection! Ran into Rick while I was there and it looks like they're set for big things.    Picked up a shirt but will definitely be going back. Surprised that off the rack the quality and fit was as good as some of the custom made items I had made down the street for 4 times the price....Definitely my go to RTW shop downtown now (and thinking about MTM as well!)
I've been roaming the Saks sale for a couple of weeks now (I work across the street). There are a few items that could be of interest in the Menswear section but they are certainly for a particular taste. There's a chance you may come across something you love but the selection is limited. I wouldn't get too excited about finding a staple suit or something like that.    There are some nice shirts on sale and I did get a Charvet tie (non-pull) for $120 before the latest...
The short answer is No   You'd have to unglue the rest to reglue that portion which is mostly impossible and would be prohibitively expensive for a Mexx suit if it were so.    Best bet is to check out this thread and find some new options for a replacement
I just ordered 3 pairs of the driving loafers for myself, my brother and my father and let me say, Justin's service was above and beyond. Noticing the sizing discrepancy with my previous orders he reached out to me and then helped me through the proper sizing of each shoe for each person based on their US sizes. You will not get that from any other shop! Thank you Justin!
@Spex  @ADub   The stores in Tokyo are indeed cheaper (depending on the Yen). Sports coats go for about $1400 or so (tax in).    You will not find anything if you are 6'0 or above. The jackets are quite short and there are no longs stocked, even at the flagship store.    I'm pretty slender but athletic and the arms were pretty tight on most jackets.   I was really looking forward to bringing a piece home (they have some fantastic fabrics and it's not often that...
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