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I'd say the opposite. There are still very few quality options. Lots of bad options and carpetbaggers.   Doesn't Suitsupply also have their MTM up and running now? 
As an update, I never got a call back from Spiros (it's been 4 weeks?)   Didn't pay a deposit so I'm not going to chase him down. 
@LeBeef  You will be disappointed to find out that most of the people you'll see in Paris are actually tourists or expats unless you leave the main drags. I really wouldn't worry about it. The actual French are usually really laid back, hence the whole "Effortlessly chic" thing. Jeans and whatever is fine.  An article in the Economist cited a study that 70% of French restaurants serve frozen or pre-prepared foods (and that was my experience while living there) so do you...
Went to opening night I got some passess given to me. It's a pretty nice setup but the main venue is a bit cramped. It's 20 bucks for an entry ticket to most showings
I'd say all of the above is very true. It's definitely not an "experience". I've provided specific measurements for some items (trousers) and I'll let him do his thing with the jacket. Again, not expecting miracles but if I can get a good staple suit that fits nicely I'll be happy. I got the same impression and I wouldn't go there for anything too far out of the box. 
Looks great! Either would work and you can always buy a second strap
@NickInTO Searching for a watch by price is a tricky tactic as a lot of watches in the 1000 to 3000 range are overpriced for the guts they have. A Hamilton or a longings are good bets. Joma shop is an online dealer I've bought a couple from and they were great
I'm not too worried. Again the alternative I was looking at was Harrys mtm which is as conservative as it gets. Just need a staple suit for work, I'll save the more fun stuff for other tailors I've worked with.
Not expecting miracles. But if it beats a Harrys Samuehlson mtm offering for 400 less I'll be very happy. The stuff he has on display is very nicely done. It's an "anniversary sale" so the regular going rate may well be more. It's a very very small operation in an odd location, you have to factor that when comparing it to competitors leasing space in Yorkville or the cbd.
Well given I'm getting a basted fitting I'd have to imagine it is. I was shocked myself but you can see him cutting the stuff in the back. There's no "superior option" available that would indicate he's cutting corners on mine.
New Posts  All Forums: