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I just ordered 3 pairs of the driving loafers for myself, my brother and my father and let me say, Justin's service was above and beyond. Noticing the sizing discrepancy with my previous orders he reached out to me and then helped me through the proper sizing of each shoe for each person based on their US sizes. You will not get that from any other shop! Thank you Justin!
@Spex  @ADub   The stores in Tokyo are indeed cheaper (depending on the Yen). Sports coats go for about $1400 or so (tax in).    You will not find anything if you are 6'0 or above. The jackets are quite short and there are no longs stocked, even at the flagship store.    I'm pretty slender but athletic and the arms were pretty tight on most jackets.   I was really looking forward to bringing a piece home (they have some fantastic fabrics and it's not often that...
Aoyama...they have a much better selection than the department stores. Nice neighbourhood, pretty posh but with some nice easy going places as well. I would recommend it ahead of Ginza, both in terms of general vibe and relative proximity to tourist sites. 
@stanchri Nothing in Canada unfortunately. I went to Japan and checked out their flagship store. Wonderful stuff and reasonably priced. However, the sizing is pretty tricky for North Americans. I couldn't find anything in a Euro 52 that really fit, in most cases they came up pretty short. Not a knock on the brand at all, just the reality (as is the case with most clothing in Japan!). They have a reasonably priced MTM program, but I wasn't going to be around long enough to...
You won't find a ton there if you're going by SF standards.   The coats aren't bad though.
I have a tobacco brown suit in birdseye for the fall/winter. You're right you don't see many but I think a lot of that has to do with people not really knowing what to do with one. Personally I love it, definitely one of my favourite pieces, there's so much you can do to dress it down or dress it up, especially if you're leaning towards the fabrics you mentioned.  
no chance of saving it. Happy you got a refund. I have a Samuehlsson piece from HR. They did a pretty nice job, though they're not the best option for slimmer builds.
Hi all,   I've seen some great info here on Ebay sellers for products in Toronto. Unfortunately I didn't jot the names down and they now lie deep deep in the thread. Any recommendations? Mostly for ties and accessories.   Many thanks!!
On that subject, I have to say Loake`s 1880 are by far stiffer than AE, though I do prefer the esthetic of the pair I got. Loding are about as stiff, and the creasing on mine is rather unfortunate.   There really is no magic bullet at this price point, but to be realistic, they`re all infinitely better than cheaper alternatives. I've been running with two pairs of AEs for three years now and they look as good as new, and the Lodings are looking pretty good after 6...
+1 on the Dirty Inc. My new tailor going forward. JS is great to work with
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