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 @jokb   The work on @emidyl's shoes looks fantastic. I've also recently purchased a pair of Lodings and have been pleasantly surprised thus far. I'll PM 
Not a difficult alteration but the front looks a tad short which would be a lot harder to correct
Thanks @Cleav !  Least I could do.   Got a PM for the piece already!
I have a slim fitting Pal Zaleri suit sz 42 charcoal check (fits more like 40). Been waiting to give it away for a long time but I don't want to dump it at a spot here that would just pile it somewhere.    PM me if you want it
It definitely seems like there's a false economy when it comes to swim wear
They're about $250 at Gravity Pope.  Seems a bit much for a swimsuit but meh.
You could always try Shan in Yorkville. It's their bread and butter.
I'd look into a pair of Vass as well. Depends on the last though, some of them a bit clunky for my taste
Thanks for chiming in @jokb!   Just what I was hoping to hear as I had concerns about a blue belt in a business setting. I'll snag one nevertheless for less formal occasions. 
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