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That's right there will be a fair amount of stretching. Only issue is the denim (depending on the model) can get pretty weighty. If it's the full weight stuff it may be quite stiff and less comfortable to break in (that's the issue I had anyways).
" just noticed that the weird guys thigh measurements are bigger than other brands' tapered jeans. so I was wondering do they look like carrot fit or something? My true waist is 31" so I'm aiming at weird size 29 or skinny size 29 also (I can't choose skinny 30 because I prefer 7" opening or lower). FYI the best fit for me are jeans that have 10"-ish thigh. Now the weird guys 29 have 11.35" thigh and the skinnys 29 have 9.75". So I'm confused here, I'm afraid the weird...
Just received my new tie from Passagio Cravate. Gianni's craftmanship and passion are incredible and it is reflected in this wonderful product. I cannot recommend him enough, it was a pleasure doing business and I will definitely be a repeat customer.      
Wow that's great. Thanks for the input I'll probably take the plunge
A question for my fellow Torontonians What are your thoughts on dress boots for the winter? I'm looking at a pair of leather Carmina boots with a suede shaft. As fantastic as they look I have a feeling they'd be toast pretty fast. Any thoughts? Would it be better just got get some lace-ups and slug to work in my boots? (which aren't too monstrous)
Stopped by yesterday to pick up some polish. Fantastic shop with some great knowledgable service. Very excited to take a closer look at the collection!
Yes, The level of service is superb. I'm eagerly awaiting my new piece! Worth contacting even to get an idea of what is available.
I had the pleasure of working with Gianni recently. A true professional who provided wonderful service. Very much looking forward to my first Passagio!
Wow sorry I missed out on this. Great to see some Toronto rep! I'll be tracking this space, hope I can make it to a meet up soon.
Very lightly used Caruso suit. Thick navy wool with canvassed construction. Slim fitting.   Amazing suit that I've only used for one season (last spring). Predates my SF days and I've come to realize the jacket is too short for me (29.4 inches) :(     I'm 6'2 195lbs, would fit anyone 6'0 and below perfectly. Minimal alterations made by a professional tailor (trouser legs, very slight shaping) which should suit most prospective buyers.   Jacket length is 29.5 inches...
New Posts  All Forums: