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Thanks everyone! I'll definitely give a second look.
Hey Gents,   Long time lurker   Stopped by my tailor looking for some ideas for the F/W season and he suggested going with a mocha brown in a wool Holland & Sherry City weight similar to this       It'll obviously be styled differently, SB with nothch lapels. I can see it as a jacket but I'm 50/50 on the brown suit idea. I've got the basics down, and am looking to branch out a bit (have a nice flannel Prince of Wales that pushes that a bit). While the subtle...
Obviously not
@lawyerdad  Free Your Mind....
Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a great project (love the fabric!) but I'm a bit of a tricky fit (Drop 10). Never tried anything of theirs so I can't commit. Good luck!
How do we get an idea about the sizing? Saying I'm a 42 is well and great but experience tells me the fit can be quite off.
Yeah it was pretty funny the last time I saw him he was at the grocery store trying to choose cabbages with his young daughter. Since he was going between red and normal I had the perfect chance to say "take the red pill, take the blue pill" but he looked just as miserable as me to be at Loblaws at 9 on a Sunday so I just gave him a sympathetic nod.   Agreed, having been on TV more times than I can count (as a guest on the news) I can tell you the lustre wears off after...
Ric Flair at a bar Lawrence Fishburne at the supermarket Drake at the same supermarket All the guys from Suits (same tailor in Toronto)   A good amount of athletes, but they're always hanging around the city.   Never really approached any of them except for Flair. Just people like anyone else, but it's cool to see them outside their element.
 Same here. I actually went to Garrison for some of my pieces, as the quality/craftmanship/price hit a nice point. I haven't been too impressed lately though, they keep pushing towards garish and outlandish patterns (and I'm pretty open minded), when I clearly state I work in an office. Too much time hanging with 2-Chainz and not enough thinking about their core clientel.
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