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Yeah I think one is a Dockers Belt. Just one solid piece of leather. Was about $40 and I've had it 3 years and counting. 
Yeah belts are one of the last things you want to be dropping some serious coin on. Obviously a $20 belt isn't going to last you, but I've bought a couple from the Bay (couldn't find a tan one anywhere for a reasonable price) and they're still holding up just fine. I splurged on a Canali one once and it is quite nice, but I can't say a $200 belt is 4x better or sturdier than a $50 belt. 
Thanks Jok!
Would love to Jok but I've been informed my bachelor festivities are being set for this weekend.    How does the MTO program work? I've been meaning to replace that pair you worked on (did a fantastic job) for the fall but I'm not finding any sizes that fit me on the facebook page.   thanks!
Yeah I don't see how it won't affect them. I also don't see how crushing consumption is the best way to get the economy on track and get your money back but that's the EU for you.    I'll be more general but the loonie isn't going to go up until the Bank of Canada increases rates or the price of oil increases. Both seem a ways off.
Not at all. The euro was depreciating as the deadline for a deal approached. Now that Greece is playing ball it's actually showing some strength. Probably stay around where it is for the next few months.
Just a note to everyone that while the loonie has tanked against the US dollar, it's actually done relatively well compared to the Euro. Although the Euro is rebounding after being dirt cheap in the spring, it's still about 4% cheaper than it was for most of last year. If you have the option of paying in Euros (some sites have multiple methods) that's the way to go. Obviously this should also factor into your online purchasing activity.    As an aside, I'm paying for my...
Those duty fees are absolutely brutal........how is it even possible?
Didn't get dinged with anything so.....
Got a pair of loafers from Velasca, an online retailer paired with Lanieri online MTM.    They are fantastic! Great construction for price. I would highly recommend, I don't think you can get a better value. They're obviously not world beaters, but for something I'll wear once a week through the summer months they fit the bill perfectly. 
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