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PSA   Charvet ties down to $104 tax inc at Saks
The price point on Westcomb gear still seems a bit steep to be competitive on price alone. I'm an avid skiier and they're up against some of the top mountain wear at $500-$600 for shells. Unless I heard something amazing from some reviews I can't say I'd be too tempted.   
It will take quite some time to be fully ratified, probably not until the end of 2017
Yes but only if it was made in Europe. European brands that have things manufactured outside would still be the same. As a keen buyer this makes the Brexit all the more painful...
Canada - more guns per capita than the US, hardly any gun violence   When you have stupid rules, stupid people do stupid things. 
@Odd I/O   As much as I'd like to be able to provide you with my sizing in G&G or EG but I've yet to kop a pair :)   I usually size down a bit in AE and Carmina from a 10.5 to a 10, it really depends on the last.   For boots I always size down a half size and I did the same with this pair which fit a bit larger. They still fit nicely with a thick pair of socks in a 10.      I highly recommend them as worry-free winter option, you'll never get cold or wet. 
I've spoken with the owner of garrison and he's always worried about the shortage master tailors the the city. He says it's difficult to expand under such circumstances. This is more than enough to assure me they're made here.
^ This   I had a number of Garrison suits and they look great and have held up very well. However, I can't rationalize some of the prices they charge given it is essentially a MTM+ service, Chinese or not.    The other concern I had was with the advertising, events and branding. Yes I'm all for people making it and expanding, but it got to a point where you realize that you're paying for all of that "experience" and the creation of a brand.
^ Probably the best option all things considered
Sure thing, I've had suits made at Harry rosen (Samuelson Mtm), garrison bespoke (Mtm and bespoke),Marlon durant, and have visited Trend, got style and spiros (ordered a suit and it never arrived). One option I'm hoping to try is spier Mackay as I believe they have a really nice product (based on the rtw pieces I've bought there) at a solid price point. Simply put the Dirty is a small shop with an an excellent selection of fabrics run by people who care. The detail and...
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