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^ Agreed. Better to get one thing you really like. I've let countless pieces go to the wayside because I got them on sale and jumped at the deal. A few pre-SF Hugo Boss items come to mind    Use the 260 towards a couple shirts and a tie for the better suit.
@in stitches    They don't have the Chocolate Fina in  Either of these look close? Hard to tell from the sample pics.     https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-grossa-solid-silk-ties/chocolate-grenadine-grossa-silk-tie-4.html   https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-piccola-silk-ties/chocolate-piccola-grenadine-silk-tie-4.html
@in sitches Will do ;) I just needed the nudge   @kulata thanks for the examples. Both of which are fantastic. I actually have a gingham in that shade and will be shamelessly copying the first look. 
HAHAHAHA! Well I was just about to pick up the same tie for the fun of it to have as an option as I have a nearly identical jacket. So kudos!
@in sitches it's a suit no worries! I do understand the anti gingham + suit and tie sentiment (actually why I've cut down my collection to two) but sometimes I just want something a bit more fun for work
That's in the pipeline
A big thanks to the noodles hive mind I went @kulata'a route and am quite pleased with the result
@kulata Thanks a lot for the examples.   I do have a plain one that I was a little underwhelmed by, but I think you're right. This one in the pic I posted comes across as too busy. Better to keep it more simple on that front and choose a better pocket square. I shall return with results!  
@mimo  Thanks for the suggestion. I usually wear it with tan shoes/belt and a lighter grey suit and it works great. I have a pink tie, but it doesn't work for me; my darker features create too much of a contrast. I like thinking on a rusty colour, I may try a few out.   @kulata I was thinking playing with a charcoal grey might be a good option. I've have a navy grenadine as well and it, like the one posted, is O.K. but not stellar.    @EliodA I'm inclined to agree with...
New Posts  All Forums: