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I'm from around NF   Avoid Clifton Hill if you can. Head north and take a hike at the Niagara Glen (you can walk down and get right next to the rapids) and go to the botanical gardens afterwards. If you don't want to drive there's a bus run by the parks commission which can take you up and down from there. There are some excellent dining options down the road in Niagara on the Lake, along with wineries, less so in the Falls. If you're planted in NF you're mainly stuck...
@EFV   Amazing pics. Thanks so much for sharing!   Are these Women's shoes? And if so which maker? My wife is desperately looking for a quality pair of loafers or monkstraps    
It actually starts cheaper than that. However their mtm program isn't quite what it used to be. They've eliminated the sweet spot in the middle and have a cheaper offering (targeting weddings) which I haven't had experience with.
Not to judge a book by it's cover but I wasn't really impressed with what I saw on the Thomas Henry website as far as their model outfits. That being said there appears to be a large amount of customization options according to their "Style Guide". Looking forward to seeing the results!
Yeah you nailed it. I pretty much have the same qualms. A lot of the stylists go for that tighter look. I've had it corrected in a couple of occasions after thinking twice an realizing "hey this is a bit too much". Michael took my measurements so whatever small things the stylists did to change it are easily reversible. Overall I'd say the fit is excellent. Maybe go that route and request for him to take a look? He's a nice guy and very dedicated to his trade, and I'm sure...
    Kudos on the Ascot but the Grand National looks far more entertaining. 
I think Sarto gets a bad wrap but it's only natural to get ultra defensive when you see people visiting your home with the best of intentions and getting scammed. Not to say that this is the case here, but I think we all know to stay well away from Mr. Cerrutti (or give him a kick to the gut depending on how many ties your ordered). At the end of the day Italy flourishes on tourism, and it must be incredibly frustrating to see people ruining the industry (even a niche one...
I'll check Holt's after work. Don't know but I really can't get too excited about the sales anymore apart from accessories. Went to Harry's and they had some nice deals on sport coats but they were still topping a grand which can get you a mtm Samuelson on any day
@jok  I definitely know the feeling. I've tried to squeeze as many as I can only shoe rack but it's only a matter of time before it starts spreading. She'll definitely notice at that point :(   Just as an aside on the whole shoe compliments thing. If anyone in the US compliments you on your shoes, you're probably in for a scam shoe shining. Best to nod and walk off. Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans especially. 
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