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Lou Malnati's has the best deep dish downtown (not worth the trip further out for alternatives)    Avoid Giordano's and the others.    I'd highly recommend the Girl and the Goat, the Publican and au Cheval if you get out to the River District. Well worth it!
I'd use caution with Ring jacket. Great great stuff but the sizing isn't very friendly for the North American build - even a slender one. 
To be honest common projects were OK at 300 bud 450 to 500 now is a joke. Far better options as @KaleidoscopicK pointed out. Heck you may as well go for MMM for a touch more
Sully Wong is a pretty cool brand from Toronto. The only drawback for some may be that they use synthetics, but it's pretty good stuff and doesn't affect appearance or breathability. Kent Wang usually has a sneaker lineup as well
I will respectfully direct everyone's attention to @KaleidoscopicK post he knows his stuff admittedly my experience is limited
Downtown. Carl helped me out, did his best to put together a nice deal. See if you can find him he's infinitely better than some of the other guys
With alterations about 1600 for a jacket or a suit. I think my jacket was a pricier one so possibly less.
On another note they're clearing out Isaia at Saks. I kopped a Blazer for 70% off with a $150 gift certificate bonus (got me a tie). I think they're only there another week. A few smaller and larger sizes left for suits and sports coats.    I'm not usually a OTR guy but they make impeccable stuff
@CanadaCal you're absolutely right. Boston is a fantastic city and Toronto would offer a very different cultural experience that I would argue is unrivaled in North America (save New York but it's more dispersed). 
Why would you send a tourist out to Mississauga?  Come on guys....   Honestly, even with the dollar you're probably only going to end up slightly ahead. Come visit and have fun, but I wouldn't recommend it as a shopping trip. 
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