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Here's the jacket in question. A few minor quibbles I would have liked it to be a tad shorter (though it may be the trouser rise causing some imbalance) and the lapels to be a bit wider. But altogether pretty good for a mtm by correspondence. The lighting is off but the fabric is excellent very light and drapes nicely a bit of extra fabric behind the shoulders but though to clean up without a tailor on hand. May get it done. Overall the process was very easy and the level...
Pretty painless. In many cases I used one of my favorite jackets as a template. You get a good amount of feedback from Riccardo as well. There were some issues with my measurements and we went step by step to correct them. I'll post some pics this afternoon and you can judge for yourself!
Just received my Lanieri jacket.   Fabric is fantastic, fit is very good. Would have preferred slightly wider lapels to the house style however. Will post a full review with pics soon. Definitely an excellent option especially at the price point!
Their Facebook page looks a bit more flattering,but if you look closely you can see a lot of the jackets are too short and the proportions off.     
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-V2VYmfsb8z4/U6DlFMhQClI/AAAAAAAALM8/Q_8SvK2q1WU/s1600/DSC_3373.jpg   Here's an example of their work...ehhh..........@othertravel that's a generous offer, but I just got something made at Garrison :(   @AlfieEffie looking forward to the comparison!
$500 off where? I'd take it :D   I don't think many here had been to Stavros, they used to have a bit or reputation for a more conservative cut. Nothing wrong with that at all, may just not suit the taste of some. No idea they had even changed hands and or name.
I'm giving lanieri (a new sf vendor) a shot. I'll post the results
He didn't call back so I didn't bother
Hey thanks for the pm. Cps fit a bit large in my experience probably a half size but it's more to do with the toe box than anything. Better to go a bit larger give more narrow profile in my experience . I can't compare with Alden as I haven't tried a pair.
Mine have held up pretty well. I'd say Allen Edmonds is a pretty good comparison
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