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Nothing. A mtm suit will make you look better than 99 percent of the people you see and is typically quite superior to off the rack. Bespoke pieces allow for more creativity and flexibility most of which will go unnoticed by everyone but the suit nerds on style forum. I had a Samulesson suit made at Harry Rosen at a trunk show for just over 1k and it's excellent. You'll be fine provided the fabrics are of good quality and it's canvassed/half canvassed
I think the issue is if you can't spot a house cut or style, things can get a bit out of hand quite quickly. I've never been to Trend and heard good things initially...but looking at their website I'd be very careful going in as things look like they could go very wrong very fast   I just pulled these two off the front page   http://trendtailors.com/blog/bluesuit/   I'm not nearly as qualified as most in these matters but this first suit has serious issues with the...
Yeah the basted stuff is for the higher-end price point. I believe at about 3K. At that point I'd probably consider some more well renouned tailors as I don't think the price/value ratio totally holds.   But to that point, the basic bespoke stuff fits and fits well. It only gets better as I wear it which is just what a good suit should do.  
Yeah I don't think the bespoke at Garrison is bespoke in the truest sense of the word. You don't get a basted fitting and all that jazz, but every single inch of it can be made to your liking. They're machine made, which explains that, but the level of craftsmanship is still pretty good and the fit is nice and sharp. At 2K it's still much better than most any other option in town (especially since you'd be dropping that at an OTR at Harry Rosen).   I used their MTM...
Saw the update. Would rather not have to walk through Holt's to get there.......:s
I've got a navy birdseye. I didn't even know it was a navy birdseye until it was pointed out here.   @Isolation WRT tailors in Vancouver there are none of note...but more importantly...DUDE it is an absolutely amazing spot, don't waste your time on tailors and go explore the great outdoors!
@Xancatrius Just do it if you want. If you're a more slender build you should be fine for some time. Enjoy the trip and enjoy the experience. You're absolutely right, you could drop $2000 on a leather jacket or whatever crap kids with money spend things on or you could get yourself something that could give you a bit more utility (I'm not much older and I can still remember guys I know dropping a grand on bottle service of all things...).   If this is your first...
Yeah this is definitely a want more than a need...though I do have a hole in the "dressier going out clothes" section of my wardrobe. If I could dress it down enough it may work..I know @unbelragazzo was mentioned as sporting one nicely at a meetup, would be interested in hearing his take.........the alternative for me is a stunning sweat-pant new TV combo. 
I think we should all be really proud of @noodles he held out against our onslaught and got himself a beauty of a suit.....just not a cheaper equally as nice flannel :p
My choice really.....I've got burgundy and midnight as choices...think midnight is the natural one. I'd probably be able to dress down a bit more with the shawl no? 
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