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J. Fitzpatrick? He's good with shipping. Carmina has made it's way Stateside as well. 
I've been to Harry Rosen and Garrison.    If you want something simply the Samuelsson MTM program is actually quite good. The fabrics are excellent and the pricing is very reasonable. Garrison offers a nice step up. I have two Bespoke suits from there and they turned out great. I'm not too flashy, but they have a huge selection of fabrics that can even make more basics stand out. Would recommend, but it's pricey.
Just in time for my birthday! Only an ocean apart :s Would love to see any leftovers on the site, I'd pounce!
To simplify the answer to the OP:   There are several "steps" in terms of buying.   The first is to buy a well constructed, leather soled shoe (Allen Edmonds, Meermin). At that point you already have a better pair of shoes on your feet than 85% of the people out there.  $300-$400 range   The next step up is purchasing a pair with superior leather and a more elegant last. Carmina, J Fitzpatrick $500 - $650. Now you have a shoe that's better than 95% of the folks out...
Thanks everyone! I'll definitely give a second look.
Hey Gents,   Long time lurker   Stopped by my tailor looking for some ideas for the F/W season and he suggested going with a mocha brown in a wool Holland & Sherry City weight similar to this       It'll obviously be styled differently, SB with nothch lapels. I can see it as a jacket but I'm 50/50 on the brown suit idea. I've got the basics down, and am looking to branch out a bit (have a nice flannel Prince of Wales that pushes that a bit). While the subtle...
Obviously not
@lawyerdad  Free Your Mind....
Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a great project (love the fabric!) but I'm a bit of a tricky fit (Drop 10). Never tried anything of theirs so I can't commit. Good luck!
How do we get an idea about the sizing? Saying I'm a 42 is well and great but experience tells me the fit can be quite off.
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