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What do you guys think of the indigo ikat shirt?
Wow sick sweater man. J.Crew's lambswool sweaters are too good. Must look great with the wheat white jeans, good choice!
Good choices! 400 per suit is a great deal for those two, the jackets alone run in excess of $400. Nicely done
I would definitely suggest the wool. It holds up temperature wise throughout the majority of the year and out of all the other fabric offerings I feel like it drapes the best on the body. Bit more expensive, yes, but quality wise the wool suits are the best of the bunch.
Hey guys. In case you all didn't know already, in-store sale items are 50% off and you can stack it with your student discount. Also spring stuff drops on the 30th online, 31st in-store.
Thomas Mason just makes the fabric, the shirts themselves are made in Mauritius  
Not sure historically but tomorrow all marked down items in store are 50% off
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