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So, it's flip flop season. If you're gonna wear 'em, you gotta take care of your toenails. They need to be short (and, it should go without saying, clean); if you have a jacked, or black, toenail, sorry, no flip flops in public until it gets cleared up. Likewise, for any kind of fungus or other discoloration. Short, short, short—no talons. This photo is how they should look (hopefully without the bandage). Cheers. 
Start by calling them flip-flops. A man should never wear anything that could be called a sandal, nor say it.
I don't know what the emblem/logo is; I can't really tell.   That's actually Anderson Cooper wearing the shirt. I thought it might just be a designer label or brand I'm not familiar with.   But thanks for looking at it.
What brand is this shirt?      
What brand is this green polo shirt shown here?      
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