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Would this bother you (the distance between the hooks)?
double post
  Thanks. That's kind of what I'm considering doing now. It does seem like the toe box would be huge but if there's barely any heel slip it seems like it should be good. Technically I could just continue wearing these, but it's slightly uncomfortable at times and I wonder about long term effects.     I'm usually 9.5 and ordered 8 after trying it on in a store (don't remember having the same issue with width back then). I might have to size up to 8.5 but in line with that...
Recently picked up a pair of these. Beautiful boots. Quick question these stretch at all in regards to width? There's plenty of length for me in the toe box, but my little toe on my right foot is kind of squished up against the wall of the boot. Left foot is perfect - I'm pretty sure sizing up or going a wide size would leave me swimming in them. So will they stretch out a bit with wear in regards to that or should I consider my options?
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